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Friday, March 5

sunshine in my soul today!

I hear birds singing and the sun is shining!

We're on our way from a record February snowfall
of 49.2 inches...

to this,

and this!

That cold March wind can't fool me. Even with the constant, chilly breeze, I can close my eyes and imagine the promise of spring tulips, summer hollyhocks, the scent of newly plowed fields and of freshly mown grass. And like a wide-eyed kid staring at the sweet treats in a candy store, I look at my favorite gardening books over and over, flagging  pages that inspire me. Yes, before we know it...it will be barefoot season!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful garden!

My winter has been disappointing...snow wise, I'm tired of wishing for me snow.

Bring on the sunshine!


Catherine said...

I hope you are right about the 'barefoot' season ~ I hope it comes soon!

Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

How come my garden never looks like that??? You must have an-ever-so-green thumb, my friend! Lovely!
I found our first crocus peeping up today -- or what was left of it after Mr. Wabbit and his pals had breakfast. I imagine they were gladder than I to see it.

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

What beautiful photos! I know. Spring (or even the promise of her) brings me such happiness and renewed zest for living!

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