Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Friday, June 30

chimney for the cute little house!

As promised, here's a better look at the chimney for the sweet little house in my previous post...

and wait until you get a close-up look at the exterior detail...




This is the OUTSIDE of the chimney...amazing!

Next post I'll share a few more details...the windows and door are lovely, too.
(Okay, did I say I would move there in an instant?!)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 21

Farmgirl photo...


I'll tell you more about this soon!

Smoke house?
Summer kitchen?

Doesn't matter...I'd move right in in a heartbeat!
And wait till you see a close-up of the exterior fireplace...amazing.

Sunday, June 18

happy Fathers' Day!

Here's to steaks on the grill, strawberry pie, and an afternoon nap!
Thanks for all you do!

Friday, June 9

all the buzz...

It's that time of year...bee time!

Checking hives.

Chasing swarms.

Trying to keep the smoker, well...smoking!

But today is the best part...extracting!  Ahhh, the wonderful fragrance of honey paired with sticky fingers (which absolutely require licking, mmmm!) and dreams of honey drizzled over slices of warm, homemade bread. Yum!

And so today's post is short and sweet...my, oh my, befriend the bees!

As you plan your gardens this spring, give a little corner to bee-friendly plants...

Planting for the birds and bees:
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/wordpressdotcom/

It's oh-so easy to sprinkle a few seeds in a garden corner, a container, or even plan a whole bee-friendly garden!  

You'll be rewarded with beautiful blooms to cut and share, and you'll find your veggie garden or fruit trees will benefit as well...yep, it's a win-win!

Let me know what you plant and share your stories!
Happy Friday, friends!

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