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Thursday, January 22

launching the new year...

The kids had a 5 day weekend recently...5 days! The brilliant blue skies from earlier in the week gave way to sharp winds...soon temperatures plummeted and the snow came with an icy blast.

Hubby and I are always up first, waiting and listening for the official word. Soon the happy dance starts and whee ha...what began as a delay turned into a day off of school, and then another, and another.

I love snow days! Days like these mean tossing another log on the fire, making hot chocolate, popping corn, roasting marshmallows, kids in pajamas enjoying long movie marathons, and playing games. They're different than other days...true, still 24-hours long, but snow days seem to last forever, and mean more. 

These days are so simple, and I love it that way. Listening to the crackling fire, it's easy to forget that often the world spins too fast...and that getting snowed in brings with it a slow, steady pace that helps to maintain perspective.

January means not only looking forward, but looking back as well. If the past year has had struggles, it's good to know they are done. Looking forward, we ponder what we will do with the time given us.

It's really up to us...

as for me...I'm hoping for more snow days!

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