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Tuesday, March 2

spring fever!

March has arrived and this is the time of year that stirs my soul
to take stock of the indoors...before the season's first warm days beckon me outside.

Here at least, there is a certain need for spring cleaning...the traces of a long winter are all around. Cats and kittens have left little pawprints on the mudroom floor and little noseprints on the windowpanes, while piles of boots, mittens and hats are drying on the hearth daily.

And while I don't recall exactly when I fell in love with aprons,
I do know that slipping on one with pretty pink polkadots or cheery blue checks, just seems to make the work of tidying up a bit more fun. I have a long homespun pinafore apron with a ruffle along the bottom that rustles with each step. That apron seems to transport me back 150 years...just right for spring cleaning an 1864 farmhouse!

This vintage apron has the sweetest hankies stitched on for the pockets. Although in good condition for its age, it still seems so delicate that it hangs in a special place.

And while spring fever may be winning the battle with spring cleaning, it's time to begin. Soon, when spring is in full bloom, I can fall into it with abandon!


Margaret said...

I agree that sunshine does make one want to get busy and get something done. It just seems to bring a spurt of energy.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful apron, and those flowers, well, we'll be seeing them for real before long. Lovely post.


PS. I am seriously considering the cold frame idea, thanks!

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