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Wednesday, February 5

winter weather and farm stand colors...

Can we just talk about the weather? 

Monday it was 62 degrees and I couldn't resist...it was the perfect day for hanging laundry on the clothesline...blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and a warm breeze from the south. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing like the sweet scent of freshly-laundered sheets and towels that have been dried outside...but in February?

Right now we have freezing rain and all fingers are crossed for a day off from school...or at least a delay. Tomorrow's forecast is for snow, sleet, and ice...as we like to say, it is a higgledy-piggledy winter.

And so, in the middle of all this up & down weather, I'm spring cleaning (that definitely needs another name) Really, who can wait until spring? Am I the only one who dives into deep cleaning mode right after the Christmas decorations are tucked away?

I'm also plotting & planning...if you go back a couple of posts, you'll find one about pies, and how I'm hoping to turn the milkhouse into a Saturday farmstand. Our local year 'round farmer's market closed for renovation over a year ago and has yet to open, so I started thinking why not offer the same cottage foods from our farm?  

I'm thinking in-season fruit pies along with family favorites such as Miss Lisa's chocolate chip pie, and blue-ribbon winning Texas Trash and Junkberry pies.  I've been brainstorming and making lists of all our favorites...goodies like Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, and chocolate mint cookies, then I added checkerboard cake and homebaked Dakota and English Toasting breads to the list, along with jars of honey. When summer is in full swing, I can offer fresh veggies, herbs, and Mason jars of blooming flowers.

 “I always say it's never too late to begin a long-held dream,
or take a risk on a new one you didn't see coming!"

—Deb Bosworth,
Beach Farmgirl, MaryJanes Farm

Saturday I spied a table that was on sale for song...here's a close up of the drawer and knob:

Why yes...it did come home with me!

And that color instantly inspired me on the colors I want to use inside the milkhouse. While I love warm, cozy, prim colors for our farmhouse, they just didn't seem quite right for a farmstand. 

But these did!

How could I not love colors with names like Aggie's Shawl, Dancing Slippers, Ruby Earbobs, and Clara's Cape?  

And they are perfect pairing with the colors I used for the roadside stand last summer...

Now I'm off to think of a clever, eye-catching farmstand name...any suggestions?

 “The most difficult thing is the decision to act,
the rest is merely tenacity.” 

—Amelia Earhart

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