Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Wednesday, July 27

clever egg carrier...

I found this egg carrier in Amish country a few years ago. It holds 3 dozen eggs and I bought in in hopes of having chickens "someday."

Well, someday finally arrived and I'm tickled to dust it off and use it. Now yesterday's grand total was 5 eggs, so at this rate, I won't be filling it any time soon. It's still handy though to safely tote eggs back to the house.

Hmmm, my friend Ellen has many, many more hens than we do...maybe I can find one for her. I think I feel a trip to Amish country coming on!

Sunday, July 24

glimpses of Pioneer Day...

Today we celebrate Pioneer Day, and we had a ball with the Primary kids at church. When they arrived they were assigned
to a handcart company and then trekked from place to place learning a little more about pioneer life.

First they played pioneer games...the tricky ox yoke puzzle had everyone truly puzzled, and Jacob's ladder fascinated them as they tried to figure out this terrific optical illusion. Outside there was cow roping (with a cow stand-in) and buffalo chip tossing
(not real chips, of course!)

They heard true stories of pioneer struggles and triumphs, the hardships of pulling a handcart along the trail, or being part of what seemed to be an endless wagon train. They made punched tin ornaments, dressed up in bonnets, aprons, and wide-brimmed hats, sampled beef jerky, made butter, and sang pioneer songs.

While we all had a great time, what I hope they'll leave with is
a greater respect, reverence, and gratitude for those men, women, and children who came before us.

Friday, July 15

squeals of delight!

Our family has been at Cub Scout camp this week. While it's been a lot of work, it's also been an absolute ball and the kids have had a grand time!

Yesterday was a 3 mile hike...now, 3 miles isn't that long,
but this path (and I use that word very loosely) was absolutely "over the river, and through the woods." I was trying my hardest not to give in to the pain in my side, or the aching in my legs.

So this morning, when it was time for early-morning chores,
I hesitated...perhaps a bit more sleep. I certainly felt as if I'd earned it, after all, it's been a long week at camp.

But no, I pulled myself out of bed...the garden needed weeding before it was too hot. It didn't take long to weed and water, and soon I was heading to check the girls. On such a cool morning I knew they'll love a little fresh air.

When what to my surprise do I find?
This little beauty...our first egg!

Then I found 2 more!

Yes, there were squeals of delight! I called my husband, who was still on his way to work, because I was so excited!

Then, pacing back & forth, I waited 3 hours until the kids woke up. (I knew they were still exhausted from camp and needed their sleep this morning.)

Here's Sweet Girl holding 2 of the eggs,

and Little Man found a fourth one!

Looking at the size difference, maybe that one on the left will be
a "double-yolker" as the kids call them. We'll just have to wait
and see!

So it's a happy morning at Windy Meadows Farm...hoping it's a terrific Friday for you as well!

Monday, July 11

I love old things...

an 1890's stepback cupboard,
with handed-down carnival glass,
vintage yellowware bowls,
and a crackled white casserole dish.

I love anything old, worn, and weathered.

I love old houses and barns and wish they could talk.

I love simple, old-fashioned ways.

And while modern conveniences are certainly a blessing,
it's also a blessing to slow down and enjoy the uncomplicated pleasures of each day...

the months,
the seasons,
the predictability of nature,
the sweetness of daily life.

Wishing you a day to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Tuesday, July 5

honoring our country...

How was your long weekend?

Ours was spent lighting sparklers,

watching fireworks,

and reflecting on the blessings we enjoy...

family, home, friends, freedom.

Friday, July 1

simple joys for July...

...find a hometown parade on Independence Day! Wave flags, stand as Old Glory passes by, and enjoy the celebration of our nation.

...gather friends & family for an old-fashioned picnic. Toss out a red checked tablecloth and fill it with all the favorites...golden fried chicken, creamy potato salad, icy watermelon, and homemade root beer.

...find a barn sale or flea market

...spread a blanket in the backyard and look up at the clouds...what shapes do you see? A simple childhood pleasure that never grows old.

...make ice cream, it's easier than you think!

...if you're traveling for a family vacation, pack a Surprise Bag. Filled with little surprise treats for kids to pull out along the way, it can make a long drive pass a bit quicker for the kids
(and parents!)

...find a farmers' market. You'll not only take home some wonderful fresh foods, but it's a terrific way to meet neighboring farmers.

....celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24! Kids still love old-fashioned games like an egg & spoon race along with a 3-legged or sack race and shadow tag. Cook outdoors (try some authentic pioneer recipes!) using a tripod or over the fire pit. Tell family stories, dance the Virginia Reel, laugh, take pictures, make memories.
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