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Saturday, February 27

SOMMARSKÖRD...memories of summer, saved up in a jar

It's been a winter to remember...knee-deep snow drifts and temperatures far below zero have found us wearing our warmest clothes and pulling on boots, hats, and gloves whenever we venture outside. In preparation for whatever Mother Nature brings our way, we've kept wood stacked by the kitchen door, double-checked the pantry for necessities, and have the generator handy should we lose power. 

snow-covered skep house

frost-covered farmhouse windows

But even with the snow and ice, February brings so many pleasures...still, quiet days when the slightest sound seems to carry for miles across the fields, icy paths that crunch underfoot, and animal tracks crossing one another creating a winter tapestry. 

beautiful sunrises

and breath-taking sunsets

When it's this blustery and cold outside, I want to settle into nesting...kneading bread and keeping a pot of soup simmering in the slow cooker, baking cookies, cleaning out a pantry, closet, or drawer. I'm such a homebody...most mornings I get up, look out the window to check the weather, take care of animals, then come inside to clean things or cook. I feel such gratitude we are all together in these "uncertain, difficult, unprecedented times." 

Today I took a little time to work on a cupboard I was gifted with...here's the original:

I didn't want to strip through several layers of paint and the crackle finish, but I did want it to look more as it used to (you know I LOVE old things!) On the back was a light layer of paint, my guess is one of the earlier layers. So I took a sample to my handy-dandy paint store and had them match it. When I'm done, I'll show you the finished project, but for a quick peek, here's the "white" paint on the back:

here's my attempt to match the finish.

It'll take a little more time to cover up the dark green and then paint the inside, too. When I'm done, I think it'll be ideal for storing jars of jam, jelly, and honey when the milkhouse shop is open! 

And if you're wondering about my title, SOMMARSKÖRD...memories of summer, saved up in a jar, it's because I can't get enough of this recipe for Cowboy Candy...you can find out how to make it here.

Next summer, when you have oodles of peppers in your garden, give this recipe a a try...hot, sweet, and delicious spooned on cream cheese then served with crackers. I'm pretty sure I went through a jar (yes, by myself) in two days!

Thursday, February 11


Another 2-hour delay for schools today...yay!  It's a treat to have a couple of extra hours in the morning to sleep, and then putter around a quiet farmhouse before the sun rises. 

The icy winds are blowing and the snow-covered ground is so frozen it squeaks as I walk across it. However; a good down vest and a heavy farm coat keep me warm as I move from feeding goats and chickens, to filling bird feeders. In this chill, I step briskly while enjoying the peaceful morning and invigorating air.

trees dusted with frost,

as well as wind chimes and a boot scraper, 


and a very frozen rain chain.

Back inside, it's time for some herbal tea...a fruity blend called Berry Jam. I'll sip it from an old Blue Willow teacup that belonged to my mother-in-law, while remembering the Swedish word, Egentid...meaning, time on my own.  

I think I'll invite a couple of friends to "join" me...often we'll set up a day & time to have tea...while not together, we each know the others are joining us in spirit.

Wishing each of you time for Egentid today.

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