Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Monday, December 23

wishing you a very merry Christmas!

The days have flown by here on the farm...from piano recitals, orchestra & choir concerts to shopping, wrapping, and hiding gifties, it's hard to believe it's almost Christmas!

Sweet Girl baked 33 dozen cookies this week to share with missionaries far from home,

and Little Man has been busy goat-herding and nursing GB back to health
(and he's done a terrific job...GB is bouncing around like all the other goats!)

I was in my jammies at 6:30 last night...that says it all!

And so, before the next few days also slip by, we wish for you a warm & cozy Christmas filled with joy and time spent with those you love. 

Friday, December 6

there's a change in the weather...

Yesterday it was 70 degrees when I drove the kids to school...
no kidding, 70 degrees!

This morning, we found Mother Nature had played a trick on us...what a change!
Take a look around the farm...there's snow everywhere!

A snow-covered chicken coop ready for Christmas...

The Goat Barn sports a cheery wreath...after all, it is the boys' first Christmas!


Our dinner bell has two little icicles...and if the weatherman is right, it sounds like there's more ice on the way.

But that's okay...we're warm & cozy. There's a crackling fire in the fireplace, a Dutch oven on the stove bubbling away with chili, cornbread in the oven, kids giggling (and still in their jammies!), and Christmas music in the air.

So it's a happy Friday...this little fella says it all: 

Hooray for Snowy Days!


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