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Wednesday, March 31

coop envy...

This farmgirl has a serious case of coop envy!
 Take a peek over at Heather Bullard's blog
to see what I mean...oh my!


  1. Wow, that's quite a henhouse! We have friends from church who have chickens and sometimes share eggs. They're quite the producers!

  2. Any coop gives me envy these days, but that one, is definitely, to die for!

    Thanks for the scoop on scapes, they sound delicious, similar to fiddleheads which should be around very soon! Yum!


  3. Yeah, so I checked out Heather's coop. Geez! She doesn't know how to do anything less than amazing! Even her chicken coop is top-notch. Dang people like Heather Bullard! She puts people like me to SHAME...to SHAME I tell ya! :)


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