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Monday, January 20

settling into the new year...

I'm finally ready to settle back into posting, after promising myself that I'd not let one, single thing interrupt the first Christmas now that our daughter has started college.

I found myself trying to make everything just right for all of us...baking cookies, making favorite meals, cozy flannel sheets and blankets to curl up in, non-stop holiday music, and wrapping secret surprises. 

We went to get our Christmas tree on December 21st...which is about 3 weeks later than usual, but we wanted all of us to be together to make the trek to our favorite tree farm, and while I was worried about the crowds, there was no need...we were the only ones roaming the hills looking for the  "perfect" tree.  The weather couldn't have been better...beautiful blue skies, with temperatures brisk enough to feel the spirit of the season, but not too cold or muddy (which has definitely happened in the past.)

We hopped on the cheery red bus...

and made our way over the hills where our son found ice that resembled a reindeer...

and then a squirrel!

the perfect tree was found, loaded on a sled, and pulled down the hill.

Inside we enjoyed lunch by a crackling fire then headed home with our treasure. 

During December we had our usual "must-do's" with a visit to the wildlights at the zoo...

and what we call our annual downtown tour of lights, time spent looking in decorated shop windows and walking the town square...

For New Year's Eve my son whipped up his spicy gumbo and my daughter made tortellini alfredo...it was fun to cook with them in the kitchen. Together we made sweet treats like Buckeyes, Charlie Brownies, oodles of cookies, and pies. We watched movies, stayed up late, slept in, and tried to hold onto every minute.

The month flew by as I tried to squeeze every possible thing into every single day, and before I knew it, it was time for school to start and for college classes to begin. It was a long and somewhat quiet 3-hour drive back to, and home from, college.

I once heard someone say that after high school graduation, "Things will never be the same."

I guess that's true...don't get me thinking about it too much, I'll just get weepy. 

What I want is for this old farm to be a place where they always feel comfortable...staying as often as they can, and for as long as they'd like. A quiet spot away from the rigors of college and the stresses of life.  

Oh yes, there's much on my to-do list, but I feel determined...here's to 2020!

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