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Sunday, March 28

march...both lion and lamb

March is up to her old tricks...Thursday a roaring wind blew in straight from the north. Before long, snow was falling. Not delicate, swirling snowflakes, but large, impressive ones...the kind that could easily give us several inches of snow if it kept up all night. This snow, however, lasted only a few hours, and about 2 inches greeted us in the morning. Today we wake up to a morning that's still chilly, but with a gentle rain falling. We enjoy it's pitter-pat sound and the pretty lace-like patterns it's creating on the screens and windows.

Wasn't it just last week that warm winds and sunny days were here? The air was so sweet we raised the windows and dried quilts on the clothesline. Bewitched by seed catalogs and dreams of garden plots, I cleared flower beds and brought tender flowers outside...perhaps a bit too early. 

I'd best remember this sage advice: March days should be lived one day at a time, as it's likely early gardeners will meet with disappointment. So as the urge to plant may overcome me, I must be wary of this month. As lovely as the day may be, we may wake up to snow tomorrow.

In the meantime, birthday primroses and pansies cheerfully bloom on the kitchen windowsill brightening our days as the unpredictability of March weather continues.

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  1. It has certainly been an unusual March also for us. It is tempting but for now the mud is keeping me at bay. What a beautiful shout of colour to have and just in time for Easter.

    Be well ~Andrea~


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