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Monday, July 2

meant to be!

This photo has been on my bathroom remodel wish list for ages. I just love the old cast iron & porcelain sink, handy drainboard, and vintage-style faucets. If you've been visiting here for awhile, you know I love anything old...it's just how I'm wired!

source: here

And so this week I'm meandering through Craigslist and this pops up:

"Vintage Kohler cast iron and porcelain sink...still has original brass drain stopper...excellent condition...1940."

Wow, love that! Where is it? Probably hours from here. Big sigh...

LOCATION:                        10 minutes away!

No way! Get out! Happy dance!
Show hubby, hop in car, go visit, love it!

What are the chances? I mean look! I can't be the only one who gets excited over old sinks with drainboards! (They're practically twins...except for the base, ours is dated August 26, 1958)

And so a happy ending...this little beauty on the right has a new home and I can't wait to get her in place. Not sure what color to paint the vanity...any suggestions? 

I'm thinking I'll pair it with a claw foot tub something like this...

and maybe some beadboard...

Have I mentioned there's a clawfoot tub in our basement? It was here when we moved in, tucked away in the 1864 cellar of this old house (complete with partial dirt floor and 6 trees holding up the entire house, but that's a story for another time.) This week I've got a reason to give that tub a much closer look!

Now if I can just fine someone who's looking for a vintage commode and tub in retro pink...Country Living Magazine is pretty sure pink bathrooms are making a comeback...there's even a website dedicated to the pink craze; save the pink bathrooms!

Interested? Drop me a note, I'll make you a real deal!

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