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Saturday, October 23

sweet October days...

Golden filtered light, a cat or two for company, and a smiling goat...so many simple pleasures this time of year. One of the best, is being outdoors. 

Mornings are crisp and still dark when Bailey and I go outside, and like clockwork, we're sure to hear a loud greeting from our rooster Bandito...most likely telling us it's time to start the day and he'd like a little breakfast!

Rains have been continuous all summer, making the grass thick and green...this morning it looks as though it was sprinkled with little diamonds. 

The sinking sun has given evenings a fiery glow...

as it dips below the horizon. 

Corn has been harvested...using two combines when the day is long and rain is in the forecast. 

The farmers were working so long to beat the rain, that they had pizza delivered...no time to stop for dinner. And it made me laugh...

it is just me, or does this look like the famous Big Foot photo?!


And before those predicted rains come, Maizy is covered to protect her from the leaks vintage campers are prone to...getting that tarp on is a two, or sometimes three, person job. Hoping to enjoy her a little bit longer before tucking her away for winter.

This morning the fields were covered with mist, while rays of sun peeked through the Magnolia tree...

in a minute, it was gone.

Which got me to thinking...

(Source: here)

Senior pictures have been taken and last night the marching band performed at the final high school football game...don't get me started: time is flying. 

I'm trying hard to remember that the days can easily become full of "things to do" ...  but time with each other isn't endless. 

Enjoy the season you are in...

Thursday, October 7

autumn frenzy...

In October, I'm like a squirrel preparing for winter...frenetic, some might say. And oh, how the dictionary definition makes me laugh: 

"Frenetic - fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way."

I wouldn't say I'm particularly fast or energetic, and I'm definitely not wild and uncontrolled! However, I am determined. I keep a notebook handy with my to-do list (which is way too long) and I try to mark something off each day. Some days, a project gets shuffled to another day, but I keep plugging away. 

It's what I call Autumn Frenzy. The dash to try and outwit Mother Nature by wrapping up outdoor projects and chores...all that needs doing before the snow, ice, and brutal temperatures of Winter are upon us. Now, don't get me wrong, I love sitting next to a cozy fire while the snow piles up outside. It's a wonderful time to take a step back from the daily garden chores that are so hard to keep up with in the summer heat & humidity. But in autumn, it's hurry up time!

Farmers are busy...while corn still stands in the fields, the beans have been harvested,

and although the garden has wrapped up, the zinnias and geraniums still greet us with cheery blooms.

What's on today's list? Cleaning the chicken coop and prepping it for winter, putting the last of the garden to bed, and trimming fruit trees. it's cool and cloudy, making it a great day to dig in and get the work done!

From my little corner of the world, sending you good thoughts wherever you are, on the beautiful October day! 

(PS...if you're wondering how to make the pumpkins, it's oh-so easy. Just use a permanent Sharpie marker...it'll hold up great in the outdoor weather.)

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