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Friday, April 21

spring is here...

I think I've said it before, but I always feel as if Spring has its own way of saying,
"Look at me, I'm here, I'm here!"  

Filled with sweet aromas, familiar sounds, and a rainbow of colors, soon we know the seasons have turned.

Fragrant hyacinths, freshly-cut grass, and the earthy smell of just-plowed fields are paired with the cheery sound of peepers in the creek, songbirds greeting the sunrise, and tractors humming in the distance. 

Bright yellow daffodils, golden dandelions, and beautiful fruit trees are blossoming by the garden. There are no traces left of snow, the breezes are warm, and the yard and fields are no longer wet and muddy. 

Some of my favorites are now in bloom...bleeding hearts and red bud trees, and bird baths are filled and waiting for visitors. 

A rainy afternoon kept my daughter and I from taking our planned trip to hike the Butternut Trail (another day!), but while driving down country roads, we were greeted with some stunning silhouettes and then fiery sunsets...

One day, we even found ourselves in a surprise snowstorm!

And so that's a little look at what's happening in my corner of the world...just wanted to pop in, catch up, and say, "Hi".

Next time, I'll show you a couple of "steals" I found for my garden, along with a birthday/Mothers' Day/Christmas giftie I can now cross off my wish list!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Monday, April 3

A note to say...


for taking the time to visit and comment on the comings & goings in my small-town corner of the world. I know your days are full, the to-do list long, your adventures numerous, and each day seems to pass by at warp speed.  

Also, thank you for posting on your own blogs...I'm always so happy to read what you've been up to and I truly learn so much from each of you! Again, heartfelt thanks for the time you take - whether you're across the country, or on the other side of the world, I so appreciate you.

beautiful artwork by Susan Branch...run, don't walk, to visit her blog!
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Snapshots of what's happening here on the farm...


Wind, wind, and more wind...so grateful to have been spared damage from the storms that passed through. Stepping outside, this is what I see around me...

North & South

East & West

with no tall buildings or homes to block winds whipping across acres of open fields, (and don't get me wrong, I LOVE that) there's always prayers that trees will stand strong, along with a rush to secure anything that might fly away!


glorious...truly, no filter here. It's as if the sky was on fire.

Easter Decorations:

It's just me...never a fan of pastels, Spring seems hard to decorate for, but here's a peek at what you'd see if you stopped by to visit:

Beautiful Blooms:

Amid the windy, rainy, up & down temperatures of March, I spied a single, beautiful, blooming rose peeking through an old gate.

How it survived this topsy-turvy month is beyond me, and yet, I thought it was absolutely perfect.

And lastly, my Christmas Cactus is blooming again. A gift from a friend when my son was born, for the last 19 years it has always bloomed around his birthday in mid-November. In 2021 it bloomed from November through March, which was amazing to me. Now, after blooming in November, it's blooming once more...

Thank you again for visiting, sending you warm wishes, across the miles...

There is no season such delight can bring,
as Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring.

~ William Browne, 1630
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