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Thursday, March 18

simple country pleasures...

Balmy and blue-skied...the days this week have been dazzling. Days that are absolutely perfect for drying quilts on the clothesline.

 It doesn't get much better than this...one of my favorite vintage quilts against that beautiful blue sky.

Yes, a happy day.


  1. Perfect day!!
    I just love your quilts!!

  2. Now that, my dear, is a beautiful sight! Love it!


  3. Oh, I so know what you mean! We live in a typical Dallas subdivision with a rather small backyard (compared to the Midwest). However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell and feeling of line-dried blankets, so my brother in law was gracious enough to rig me up a clothesline. Thanks for the reminder. I need to use it more often again!


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