Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Sunday, May 30

on Memorial Day...

take time to reflect.

A hearfelt "thank you" to those who protect our country today,
and to those of the past who gave so much for the freedoms
we now enjoy.

Friday, May 28

how do I take care of these roses?

These roses have been here for many, many years,
and they and I have battled for many, many years.

I have trimmed them, and cut them to the ground...
   they refused to bloom.
I have watered, fed, and pampered them...
   they refused to bloom.
On the rare occasion when they have bloomed (a mere 4 times)
   I have even swooned over them.
They are obviously not impressed with my efforts.

This week, to my utter amazement, I see buds forming, and as the week comes to an end, this is our reward...lovely deep red roses with a yellow center. Quickly, I search my mind...what had I done differently this year? Was it the heavy rainfall we've had this spring? Was it because I didn't cut them back? I haven't a clue.

However, if you can offer suggestions...I would greatly appreciate them. What kind of roses are they and how do I make them happy?

In the meantime, until I learn the secrets of growing roses, we will certainly enjoy them. Paired alongside fragrant peonies, they are absolutely delightful.

Monday, May 24

this is why...

my sweet hubby built cold frames,

we visit the farmers' market on the town square,

and we planted a kitchen garden.

So, Sweet Girl and I decided if we're gonna do all that "work",
we might as well make it a lot more fun and wear cute boots!

Tuesday, May 18

can we get wet?!

I've learned that one of the best things about childhood is the freedom to dance in the rain and splash in all the wonderfully muddy puddles it makes. We just had an incredible rainstorm, and after bringing the kids home from school, they dash out of the truck, turning only briefly to ask, "Can we get wet?!"

Kids and the outdoors are a natural fit! How's that old saying go?
"Clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy!"
Of course I said, "YES!"

Sweet Girl gets right on the tire swing...

Little Man quickly follows her lead.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying,
“Everybody talks about the weather,
but no one ever does anything about it.”
The weather is what it is, so make the best of it...
enjoy every minute!

Saturday, May 15


Many of us live in small towns...towns in which most of the homes are trimmed with porches. It's a simple pleasure to find a porch with rockers swaying in the breeze, or a wonderful old porch swing with plump pillows...just the right spot for an afternoon nap.

Some porches in our town are dressed-up with regal pillars
and urns overflowing with ferns and ivy.

 Driving outside of town, we find porches with flower-covered latticework, Old Glory waving in the breeze, and enamelware pails filled with cheery red flowers.

Still other porches are simpler in nature...
practical rain barrels and only a tin star for decoration.

Most of us can remember fondly one special porch. And whether it was at Grandma's house in the country, or a friend's white clapboard house in town, each one has its own personality.
They were places where families gathered to catch up on the latest news, or relax at the end of a busy day. And yes, even a few romances began on a front porch.

My husband's parents lived on 100-acre farm before his father retired. It was an Amish-built home with a wide front porch,
a porch swing, and several of those terrific, springy metal chairs from the 1950's. We would enjoy sunsets, twinkling fireflies,
and just catching up. In those days, we lived in the city and a weekend escape to the country was wonderful.

Things haven't changed much, porches are the same today...
a simple pleasure no matter whether your porch is in a big city,
or on a country road.

Wednesday, May 12

yay, another wedding!

Sharing a happy note we received from Sarah...she's engaged! Congrats...and have fun as you and Brian plan your happily forever after. July is certain to be an exciting month!

Sunday, May 9

wishing you the happiest of Mothers' days!

I read this years ago and it has always stayed with me...

"Motherhood never ends, but childhood does. The magic years are unbelieveably  brief, and every day, that little girl or boy is changing, edging a little closer to the door.

Remember that the essence of parenting isn't in the milestones, but in the everyday moments. So stop, pay attention, and make sure you celebrate them every chance you get."
- Unknown

Tuesday, May 4


So, the kids find a pair of old boots in the barn...
what do they want to do with them?

I loved their idea and in no time at all the boots were filled with potting soil and hens & chicks. I remember a Design teacher telling me that you should have something in every room that makes you smile...I think that goes for the garden too!
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