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Tuesday, June 16

Thanks again, Capper's Farmer!

A heartfelt "Thanks!" to the kind folks at Capper's Farmer...
I'm honored to have an opportunity to again be featured in their terrific magazine!

As always, their issues are packed with clever ideas, inspiration, and how-to's anyone can use. This summer issue shows how to spin fibers into yarn and whip up a cute apron from an old pair of jeans. There are tips for building chicken coops using handy recycled materials and I've shared our family's checklist to help keep that new coop as fresh & clean as possible.

I hope you'll take a look if you spot it at your local feed store or on a magazine shelf...there's so much to learn!

Thanks again, Capper's!

Monday, June 1

It's a mad, mad month!

May is always a madcap month! As it is for most parents, it's is filled with end-of-year concerts, recitals, parties, walking tours, and awards nights. May found me desperately trying to keep up with the usual domestic goddess chores, paired with gardening and substitute teaching - this gal is ready for a break! 

 Anyway, in the middle of all madness, can be found one of the sweetest sounds of spring... "peep, peep!" 

Look at that little face-it's as if she has eyeliner on!

We started calling her Cleopatra, but now I'm leaning toward Talulah...who knows what we'll decide on. One gal looks as though she's wearing a mask, and so Little Man has named her Bandito!

In time, these 6 new chicks, Araucanas and Brahmas, will be joining our little flock. I just can't wait to see the blue-green eggs!

Hope all is well...more to share next time. Stories of a goat the vet says is a miracle, and a baby kitten who needed a home.

Happy June!

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