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Sunday, September 16

a speedy summer...

Yes, it's true...time does fly. We all know that, but it's still hard to accept that the calendar says school is well underway. We've been loving Friday night football games, and I admit we are partial to the halftime show (our son plays the trumpet in the band!)

Now, I'm a firm believer in a full 3 months of summer vacation for kids and a start date of after Labor Day. Kids should be allowed to be kids...and for this family summer means staying up late, camping, glamping, movie marathons, star gazing, homemade lemonade, grilling out, sleeping in, and anything else we can think of. Our daughter was able to spend a month dancing with a ballet company and our son was honored to take his 4H robot to the State Fair for judging. I'm happy to say we spent time perfecting the no-bake cookie recipe and ate them non-stop for probably a week...okay, maybe more!

However; I am not the voice of the school administration, and classes in our part of the Midwest began in mid-August (in my humble opinion; ridiculous.)

And so that's why it's been so long since my last post...we've been hanging onto every summer moment as much as possible.

We recently took a trip to Greenfield Village and loved it, so I wanted to share a few pictures...oh the houses, oh the gardens...I could move right in!

If you have the chance to visit, and love history, it's definitely worth the trip...and be sure to plan for a full day to see it all. Now the Henry Ford Museum is right next door...that was another visit I'll share next time.

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