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Tuesday, November 26

wishing you a happy Thanksgiving...

“Sincerely giving thanks,
not only helps us recognize our blessings,
but it unlocks the doors of heaven.”

-Thomas S. Monson

Monday, November 18

don't you love a good flea market?

This post is way overdue, but with wrapping up the farm for winter and learning oodles about goats (but that's another post), I've lost track of time.

Anyway, my friend Diana and I went to a terrific flea market this fall. It was on a nearby farm, and every barn was overflowing with wonderful things! Some vintage and retro, some primitive and time-worn, but all fabulous...it was hard to know where to begin!

Diana found some great retro items for her 1963 camper (see it here) like a darling old turquoise AM radio (that works!) and a pair of vintage suitcases which she turned into an oh-so handy end table.

I was on the lookout for primitive goodies, and came home with two enamelware pails that are perfect. Well...not quite perfect (the older the better!) they have rust spots and are a bit worn, but the colors...oooh, that's what got me. One is a robin's egg blue (and holds exactly 4 pounds of sweet mix for the goats...ideal!) The second pail is a swirl of evergreen and white. I'm not sure just what I'll do with it, but for now, it's holding seeds gathered from our flower gardens, ready to pack up and share with friends.

And so here are a few snapshots of the day...clever, creative, fun-filled inspiration!

I LOVE these doors!

Hand-painted slate signs...

Feed sacks, clocks, and sleigh bells...

A table completely covered with recipe cards!

This old rail-road crossing sign...

and last, but not least (don't let this frighten you!) vintage hats were given a new twist!

Diana and I joked we both should have bought one, and instantly our Halloween costumes would be complete!

There was so much more to see...and what a fun way to spend the morning with a good friend...roaming through barns, looking in nooks & crannies, and finding just the right goodies that needed a new home.


Tuesday, November 5

not missing this one!

Hug-a-Chicken Day!

And be sure to visit Tilly's Nest ... she's listed some great deals
offered by businesses celebrating today!

Monday, November 4

how did I miss it...National Hug-a-Goat Day?

Okay friends, this goat-wrangler has missed a new (to me, anyway)
national holiday...forgive me! 

Here's wishing you a belated (September 7)
and happy...

Hug-a-Goat Day!

Friday, November 1

farmgirl photo...

I have a feeling, that this isn't far away...

The sun is shining, but it's not fooling me...the wind from the north is icy. It's downright winter coat, fuzzy mittens, wooly scarf-wearing weather!

The Farmer's Almanac says to expect a "bitter cold" winter...
friends, I do believe it's on the way.

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