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Wednesday, June 16

plump strawberries & sun-dried sheets...the joys of June

In our little corner of the world, the recent weather has been just perfect: partly sunny with a cool, almost chilly, breeze from the north. It has made gardening, weeding, and outdoor chores so much easier than they are in the dreaded heat and humidity we usually experience. 

What are we up to? Well, I'm tackling my To-Do list (does it ever end?),  our son is working on 4H projects; he's taking two cooking projects this last year and we've been treated to some terrific meals and sweet treats!  Our daughter is preparing to go to a month-long ballet intensive with a ballet company 3 hours away...her dancing is filled with such power, grace, stamina, speed, & heart. And hubby is mowing, mowing, mowing. 

Today's post is simply lots of snapshots...things you might see if you stopped in to visit.

fresh strawberries are here!

lupines have been replaced by baby's breath and rose campion

amazing clouds, 

colorful skies, 

the day's end at a nearby farm, 

and another sky I just had to remember. 

taking a side road home, we were blessed to see a mama and newborn calf!

oodles of these pretty Japanese Parasol mushrooms in the backyard,
but take a closer look:

tiny droplets on a spider's web

fields of winter wheat,

and corn that's already knee high.

So here we are, taking it all in. Now is a good time to stop, look around, and remember that time is fleeting. Yes, there's much to do, but let's remember the value of relaxing...balance is the key.

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