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Wednesday, March 26

is it winter break or spring break?

Mother Nature is at it again...
she insists on playing tricks, as if she has no idea it's officially spring. 

And while this was the lovely sunset we enjoyed at day's end...

this was how it looked throughout the day. The snow began falling softly at first...it was oh-so pretty. You know the kind of snow...it drifts down gently bringing sweet dreams of a day spent in front of a crackling fire with a good book. Then, I watched it begin falling harder, bringing a chilly wind along to keep it company.


And yet, windy as it was, nothing kept our faithful guard dog from seeing what was going on. Truly, I think even she was stunned by this sudden snowfall.

The chickens were nowhere to be seen. I felt sorry for them as the snow continued to blow straight up the ramp and into the coop. Glad I hadn't packed away my Carhartt coat just yet,
I slipped it on, tossed the girls a little scratch, and tucked them in early...I think they were grateful.

And so it goes...

Soon, I'll be grumbling about the heat & humidity and will wish for these days. (Secretly, I'll take a few more like this...I know, I know, let the tomato-throwing begin! But my best-laid plans for spring cleaning are falling more than a bit behind, and I could desperately use more time! )

So what's my thought for the day?

Tuesday, March 11

again...good things come in 3's

Back in October, I posted here about good things coming in 3's.

And so this week, it's been fun to rediscover that good things continue to come in 3's.

1 ~ two new hens have joined our little flock. A friend decided that chicken-keeping wasn't for her right now, and so she shared with us Cookie, a pretty Barred Rock; and Nilla, a sweet Golden Buff Orpington. We're still undecided about whether or not to keep their names...and I laughed out loud, and heartily agreed, when our son suggested Lucy and Ethel!

2 ~ after months of snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and below zero temperatures, it was a delight to see the sun shining and a find it was a balmy 68-degrees today!

Do I even want to do the math? That's 94 degrees warmer than our coldest day 5 weeks ago. Yes, that's a good thing!

3 ~ and last, but not least, a package arrived from Courtney, at Eggcellent Life... she creates the prettiest egg carton labels! I was fortunate to be chosen in a giveaway at Tilly's Nest, and these terrific labels were tucked inside our mailbox. 

I can't wait to dress-up our egg cartons with these...thanks so much, Courtney!

Ahhh...it's been a good week.

Sunday, March 2

thought for the day...

I came across this lovely print a few weeks ago...

it can be found here...
while the complete scripture is...1 Thessalonians 4:11

And so, I think I will focus more on living this direction.

I'm sure the pace of life will continue to be full,
but there's no need for it to be frenetic.

...yes, a quiet life seems just right on this snowy Sunday afternoon.

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