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Friday, March 23

random signs...

I'm always drawn to signs...some old with chippy paint, some new and colorful. When I see one that particularly catches my eye, either because of the words it shares or the beautiful hand lettering, sometimes they make their way home with me...

like this one hanging in a wonderful store stuffed with antique/vintage/primitive/retro goodies (I'd been looking at it for weeks!) And so it became a little birthday treat from me, to me.
Hand-lettered, what talent! 

And this sign that hangs by the back door everyone comes through. While it was found in the Christmas section of a country store, to me, it says much more. Why yes, this house does believe in Santa (!), but also in old-fashioned values, traditions, going to church together, family prayers, and simple pleasures.

Hand-lettered on slate and sitting in a corner of our mudroom, I'm reminded to visit the year 'round indoor farmers' market off the town square, the summertime farmers' market, the produce auction, and the individual veggie stands that pop up along the country roads.

A sign pointing me toward the Farmers' Market each Saturday morning...get their early for the best choices and take time to enjoy visiting with neighbors, too!

Last, but not least, one you've seen recently...

Just sharing a few of my favorites...and linking up here, at Friday Five.

and by the way!


Saturday, March 17

Irish festival...

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm sharing a few snapshots from our visit to the Dublin Irish Festival last summer...what fun!  We'll definitely be going back again this coming summer...wonderful food, colorful clothing, toe-tapping music...fabulous!

Click here for a little music to get you in the  spirit...here's to St. Patrick!

Colorful Gaelic kilts on littles and bigger folks!


Sweet furry faces!

Oh-so pretty clothing (I think I "need" one of these!)

Amazing dancing!

And this was so lovely...

take a minute to read some of the heartfelt wishes placed upon the tree...

Truly a fun family day...a taste of Ireland only an hour away. We can't wait to go back!

Thursday, March 15

thankful...March sunsets

As they say, good things come in threes...

no filters, no color adjustments, simply what was captured by my camera.

Thankful indeed.

Also thankful for the chance to link up at: it's a small town life and skywatch Friday.

Wednesday, March 14

happy Pi(e) day!

"Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.
It’s an important part of the foundation of mathematics, most importantly geometry, where pi is key to equations calculating the area of a circle, A = πr2, and the volume of a cylinder, V = πr2h."  (source 

A reason to celebrate? No and yes. Stay with me here...

No, the above explanation of Pi, at least to me, does not sounds like an enjoyable thing to celebrate; although contemplating infinity (as in the upcoming Marvel movie, Infinity War) does!

And yes, if we were inclined to celebrate Pi, technically March 14 is perfect (pi is 3.14...).

With all that said, I am completely unable to pass up the fun of Pi(e) Day...and I hope you're having some silly fun with it, too!

What's on our menu?  
Pizza Pie
Kentucky Pie
Toll House Pie
Moon Pies

Short and sweet...
the thought for the day?

Tuesday, March 6

A thought for the day...

don't be too quick to discard items that seem a bit worn or faded,

they carry with them the memories of times past...

and of a way of doing things that has almost faded in today's fast-paced world.

“Some old-fashioned things,
like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder

(Linking up for Tuesdays Treasures here...for things old and lovely)

Monday, March 5

Monday murals...

A quick post this morning...our family has been under the weather lately, and so with everyone off to work and school today, it's time to tidy up the farmhouse.

You know how it is when no one feels their best...there's lots of resting, reading in bed, movie watching in jammies, and early nights. Needless to say, the kitchen sink is greeting me with oodles of dishes and so that's where I'm headed...turning up my favorite music and diving in.

And because I've been having fun linking up with Mural Monday, I wanted to share another pretty mural from a neighboring town...this colorful railcar mural is next-door to a terrific science museum. Again, what talent...one day maybe I'll catch these paintings in-progress!

Happy Monday all!

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