Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Wednesday, August 18

certainly not bored!

August arrived and brought with it the chatter of cicadas and sun-ripened tomatoes, along with a good perspective on life that was found while sitting in a springy, vintage garden chair.

As the month's heat and humidity continued, I wiped my brow while prepping fruits that would become jam, and veggies to be canned or frozen. What a summer it's been...I've never before seen flowers so beautiful or tomato plants that have grown to 7 feet tall! 

So as today comes to a close, we're going to make some ice cream, and then I'll be found settling in to prop up my feet. August...I know you're feeling it too, the dog days are here, but then again, there are special delights only found in deep summer.

Below I'm sharing a few pictures, as the saying goes, of what's happening in our neck of the woods...happy Wednesday, friends!

GIANT Candy onions, HUGE 7-inch tomatoes, and BIG juicy blackberries!

A friend and I swapped my baked goods for her fresh milk...oh my! Soon cream became butter and ice cream, and milk was turned into cheese...heaven.

I made my grandmother's bread & butter pickles, sighed over a 1967 Galaxy, and marveled at the intense colors of the newest blooming flowers.

And found that at the end of each day:
All is well...


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