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Wednesday, March 10

early days of spring...

Crocuses are peeking out and puddles are everywhere. March weather has mellowed and even the snow has begun to melt.
We see, every so slightly, the promise of spring. While not yet officially spring, warmer days are beckoning us outdoors.
There's an old saying that goes: "When crows fly in pairs, the day will be fair." And true as an old adage can be, crows were flying overhead yesterday, calling out to one another. The sky was bright blue and the warm sun was shining. A day like this was just too nice to stay indoors, so after school, the kids were outside in tee shirts kicking balls around the yard. After a few games of kick ball (things were getting a bit muddy) I carefully dodged puddles to look for more signs of spring...sure enough, the first shoots of daffodils were coming up.

March weather comes and goes, and as the day ended, I could hear the sounds of a gentle rain. That's okay...soon enough it will coax out more daffodils and forsythia and spring will be in full bloom. Besides, spring cleaning is still an on-going process here...I need to remember all that needs doing indoors!
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