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Saturday, April 14

wise words...

I am so fascinated and in awe of chalkboard art...just so pretty, so creative, and such talent! 

To some, I'm sure it comes easily...what a blessing. I've been experimenting with chalk myself, but until I have confidence enough to share it with you (!) I'll share this one.

Wise words, indeed...


"If for a while the harder you try,
the harder it gets,
take heart.

So it has been for the best people who ever lived."

~Jeffrey R. Holland, 1982

Well, keeping these words in mind, back to my chalkboard, chalk, and eraser!

Happy weekend, friends.

Tuesday, April 10

a frosty morn...

Why yes, farmers do sit around and talk about the weather...as do farmGIRLS!

Around here, the weather has been incredible for the last week...

Monday...4-1/2 inches of snow, 
it was so beautiful, fluffy and thick. I was disappointed
my camera just couldn't capture all that my eyes were seeing.

Barn cats can be found snuggling in their little red house under the mulberry tree.

Our clothesline...just waiting for quilts and warm breezes.

Tuesday...2-1/2 inches of rain,
I did not venture outside for photos of this downpour...it was a day best enjoyed with a steaming mug of chamomile tea and a good book.

Yesterday brought light snow that fell all day and was oh-so pretty. 
But today, we woke up to the lovely hoar frost covering everything it could land on. Every surface filled with sharp spikes, but so delicate at the same time.
This frost is always a treat to see, as it seldom visits unless conditions are
just right.

frost on a gate...

on the handle of a pump...

and this just made me giggle...frost on the toes of our angel weathervane!

And so that's the weather in our little corner of the Midwest;
they say Friday it will be in the 70's...ha, let's just wait and see!

So, how is the weather in your part of the world?!

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