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Saturday, March 26

happy Easter...

Wishing you the joys of Easter...children's laughter, squeals of delight, chocolaty goodness, as well as fun-filled egg hunts, and delightful visits with family & friends!

Amid all this fun; however, let's pause and take time to reflect. One of my favorite speakers, Jeffrey R. Holland, gives us heartfelt Easter insights in this talk.

Happy Easter to all...

Thursday, March 17

happy Saint Patrick's Day!

The madcap month of March...today the sun is brightly shining, warming & waking up the farmland around us. Who would have thought we only recently had a snowfall? It seems as if March just can't make up her mind...what shall it be, the last days of winter and the first days of spring?

But never mind the weather, today is a day for fun...there's a pot of Irish Stew simmering on the stove, potatoes boiling for Colcannon (yum, how can anyone not like potatoes whipped with heavy cream and real butter!),  dough rising for homemade rolls, and well, with a nod to modern times, plans for Shamrock Shakes as dessert!

Today, we all claim to be Irish...but for a real peek at what those of us in the Midwest are missing, click here - ahhh, if I went, I'd never come home!

Sunday, March 6

a March snow...

This old farm is up early every day...the first alarm goes off at 4:45, the second at 5:00 - just in case I've hit the snooze button. Each day begins just about the same...down the stairs to check the weather, take a quick look at the outside temperature, then make school lunches while I ponder what's in store for the day. Soon hubby is down starting breakfast and waking up the kids.

March...where does the time go? We were surprised to have a snow-delay last week - around here, kids and parents always do the happy dance for that treat! But even with this cold March wind, soon we'll be looking for the promise of spring. This is a time for making plans...I have a wish list for this year, and I'm digging into it, because time flies, whether you're having fun or not!

Finding promise is a simple county pleasure anyone can enjoy. I see promise in that old dry sink I found for a song...it simply needs a new coat of paint. I see promise in the new space we made behind the fruit trees...maybe I'll expand our little orchard, add some Concord grapes, or a garden just for the honeybees. I see promise in the old milkhouse...I think with some elbow grease and a splash of paint, the kids will find it fun to decorate as a hideaway for both them and their friends. I see promise in that flowerbed the weeds have taken over...this year, the battle ends, I'll turn that into a flourishing cottage garden.

But today, even though the wind roars and rattles the windowpanes, I'm not worried, my mind is on the promise in the air.

Wednesday, March 2

simple country pleasures...

This little light came together in under 5 minutes...seriously, and I had everything on hand.   
I love little "what if I tried this?" moments! 

Take one metal chick feeder, a vintage canning jar, and an electric light...

A little nudge and the chick feeder will separate easily...center the light on the bottom of the feeder, slip the electric cord through one of the openings, and put the feeder back together.

Twist the canning jar in place...and ta-da!

I added some rosehips and dried orange peel in the openings and set it on a little table. Definitely the quickest how-to I've done in ages!

Happy day!

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