Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Thursday, January 28


Morning sunshine pours through our windows casting a warm glow. Outside, the day is clear and blue skied, but with a brisk wind sweeping across the fields. The old maples surrounding our home creak and bend, while summer's tire swings rock back and forth.

And while we love winter and her snowy days,

 fragrant blooms from bulbs forced in December, remind us spring will be here in due time.

Thursday, January 21

what a snowman!

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this snowman on a neighboring farm! Wow, he's at least 9 feet tall! I would love to have had the kids standing alongside him, but as soon as he was discovered, the rain really began to come down. Maybe next time...

Monday, January 18

taking down the Christmas tree...

Does anyone actually enjoy taking down the Christmas tree? It's hard to gather any enthusiasm about the undecorating. Still beautiful (a concolor white fir will stay fresh for many weeks)  we jokingly ponder leaving it up year 'round. In February, we could add Valentine ornaments, only to replace them with Easter bunnies. Come July we'd move on to flags, then add pumpkins in October, and finally circle back around to Christmas.

Hmmm, maybe a change of attitude? This year, as we remove the ornaments and tuck them safely away, it's a fine time for reflection.

one brought back from a honeymoon in Hawaii

a pickle ornament reviving an old German custom

one from a dear friend

the summer our son couldn't eat enough watermelon

and our daughter's love of buttery popcorn

however, the best-loved ones are made by little hands,

always to be cherished

And as the last ornament is packed away, it's a perfect time to think about this new year and what we'll do with the time ahead.

Yes, please bless our friends & family...and this farm.

Thursday, January 14


This just made me smile...ahhh, perched high basking in the warm winter sunshine.

A few weeks ago, on one of the chilliest winter nights, someone dropped off a pair of kittens. (Sadly, just having a barn has been a magnet for folks who decide they have too many animals.) Discovered in the morning, the kittens were so cold and hungry, they came running to the house for warmth and affection, not to mention a warm breakfast. The kids scooped them up immediately and named them Candy Cane and Mittens. Even our barn cats have taken nicely to these new kittens, and often they can all be seen curled up together enjoying an afternoon nap. Yes, life is good.

Friday, January 8

how to "guarantee" a snow day...

1 - jammies on backward? check.
2 - dark outside? check.
3 - ready to dance in the snow?  check.
4 - most importantly, camera ready?  check.

The photos tell it all...dancing, snowball throwing, pure joy!

And so, if you're wondering, is there any truth
to this "teacher's tale?" (see last night's post)

This is today's announcement on the school website...

Friday, January 8, 2010
School District is closed due to the road conditions.

Whee ha! And so after a chocolate chip pancake breakfast, we'll be making snow ice cream. This is a yummy tradition we look forward to each winter. It's so easy to make and is delicious!

Snow Ice Cream
1 c. heavy whipping cream
4 c. perfectly clean snow
sugar and vanilla extract to taste

Beat whipping cream with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form; fold in snow. Blend on medium speed; add sugar and vanilla to taste. Serve immediately. Makes about 6 servings.

Thursday, January 7

those three little words...

Winter Weather Advisory

Our weather radio blasts out the warning of several inches of snow, plummeting temperatures and cutting winds. Ahhh, music to my ears. It wouldn't bother me one bit to be snowed in. Our old farmhouse, built around 1864, has seen and weathered many snowstorms. She'll turn her back to the winds and weather this one just fine.

We've stacked wood by the back porch, so if the power should go out, we can keep warm and put our hearth cooking skills to good use. Having been described as "fiercely independent" seems to be a most positive trait in a time such as this.

The kids, hoping for a snow day from school tomorrow, had a teacher tell them this: If you put your pajamas on backward, go outside after dark, and dance in the snow, there's sure to be a snow day the following morning. Hmmm, has anyone else heard of this?

I can only say with certainty, our kids will be testing this theory before bedtime. So, as the wind frosts the windowpanes tonight, we're snuggled in safe and warm...soon to be dancing outside in our backward pajamas!

Saturday, January 2


Here in the Midwest, the New Year has started with an icy blast...wind chills well below zero during the day, and single digit temperatures at night. A day like this is good for staying indoors where it's warm & cozy. It also gives us time to ready ourselves for 2010.

As we pulled out our new calendar and began jotting down important dates, I paused again to look over the calendar's lovely photos. Created by a good friend and very talented soul, each photo in this calendar is simply beautiful. She's dreaming big and will certainly soar! Take time to visit her blog, cupcake studio, and then take a peek inside this delightful calendar found in her etsy shop...it will cheer your heart.

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