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Thursday, December 1

happy December!

It's that time of year...

Start today...this very minute, because the month will fly by!

-put up the tree early...play music, sing loudly...no one cares if we're off key!

-be an elf...deliver secret goodies to friends & neighbors, knock and then run!

-bake oodles of cookies, every shape, size, and kind...
tuck them in pretty bowls or baskets;
just right for teachers, school bus drivers, or the mailman
(or mail lady in our case...have I told you her name is Betsy Ross? How cute!)

-make snowmen and snow angels, and REAL hot chocolate!
-have a movie marathon (best if you stay in your jammies all day!)

-whip up home-baked dog and kitty treats and fill bird feeders to overflowing.

-sit by the fire, light candles, watch the snow fall, read, knit or crochet, dream...

-bundle up and walk around the town square to see the festive shop windows.

-invite  your best girlfriends over for lunch and catch-up on all the holiday plans.

-write holiday letters...real letters, handwritten in cursive!

Have fun, hold hands, laugh, make memories...

Be An Elf!

Wednesday, November 23

a time to give thanks...

These November days are worth enjoying to the fullest...shadows of flying geese, woodpiles and woodsmoke, the sweet busyness of country life. So much to be thankful for; here's a little walk around the farm to share some of the things I'm grateful for this season...

Catching a sunset at just the right moment...

Amazing spiderwebs in the grass...

A vintage hay wagon...I feel so lucky it came home with us (love those colors!) It was such fun to see the kids & their friends take it out for the first time.

Bittersweet tucked in my favorite color pail...

Handmade greetings...

to welcome the magic of fall.

A time of harvest, home, and hearts filled with sweet memories. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours.

Sunday, November 6

life is short...learn to fiddle!

Yes, we all know time flies...somehow the days turn into weeks, the weeks to months, and the months to years. And although many years have passed (I'm not saying how many!) I've never lost my desire to learn to fiddle.

See this?

smaller image of violin

This is a violin made in 1890 - yes, 126 years ago. I love anything old, so when the chance came along to make this mine, I was oh-so tempted. But first, I had it looked over from top-to-bottom. It had already been given new strings and a new bridge, so I took it to someone who could play...ahhh, how he made it sing!

I was sold, and so it came home with me.  That was May, so it's been six months...and while it doesn't always "sing" for me, it's a step toward one of my dreams. I'm polishing up old tunes such Amazing Grace, Red River Valley, Old Joe Clark, Come, Come Ye Saints, Lead Kindly Light, and Ashokan Farewell. 

Yes, most days when I play I still hear the dreaded squeaks and squawks from either too much or too little bow pressure. But some days, when I have the pressure just right, it does "sing." That just makes me want to learn more! I'm practicing daily and looking forward to a "jam session" with a young friend who loves the fiddle as much as I do.

And so today's post is short and sweet...time does fly, so do what you love, you're never too old to learn something new!

Friday, October 21

October magic...

The weather is crisp and the colors glorious...it's a fine time for a fall picnic and a hike in the woods. It's October! And my affection for this month goes beyond simple preference. 

I love the russet, gold, and crimson leaves and the sight of tangled bittersweet.
I love the scent of woodsmoke from the season's first fire.
I love hayrides, barn dances, and carving a plump pumpkin.

The shortened days seem to quickly drift into evening shadows filled with an autumn chill. We find it's time to slip on a cozy sweater, prepare a pot of simmering stew, and lay an extra quilt at the foot of each bed.

Not long ago, the early summer days melted into even hotter ones, so I welcome fall...soon we'll be in the icy grip of winter, but I'm shrugging that thought off!

Ahh...days aglow with brilliant hues and nights illuminated by the harvest moon. Let's slow down and take time to savor the sights, sounds, and aromas that mark the changing of seasons.

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Tuesday, October 4

October ushers in the harvest...

October has come to the country and I am filled with autumn busyness! Ahhh, the days are finally cooler.  The passing summer has been extremely hot & humid in our part of the Midwest, and I admit, I'm not sorry to see it pass.  

Chores that were hard to accomplish in the muggy days of summer seem easier to tackle now. I'm washing quilts, sweeping porches, and shaking rugs.  On the to-do list is making grape jam, salsa, and pasta sauce, along with harvesting sweet potatoes. We'll clean out the chicken coop and compost bin, toss the contents into the garden, and put it to bed until spring.

Farmers' markets are still busy and filled with pumpkins, acorn and butternut squash, okra, cabbage, and gourds. And since Halloween isn't far away, it's time to bring home several plump pumpkins!

October is my favorite month...a time of full moons and richly colored mums, of cider and woodsmoke, glorious trees, and of crisp days and cool nights. I love the brisk weather, and the daytime light feels somehow different...it is clear and bright, signaling an end to summer.
To me, it's a month like no other!

It's said, "life is a series of memories"...with that in mind, let's take the time to recall happy ones shared, and make new ones along the way.

Thursday, September 22

so God made a farmer...

The harvest has begun...

as the combines bring in corn and bales of hay are stacked in the 90-degree heat, this came to mind...I hope you feel the spirit that comes from Paul Harvey's words.

Friday, September 16

farmgirl photos...

A quick trip around the farm for a look at some of the things that make me smile...happy Friday!

A scarecrone keeping the fruits & veggies safe...

The sprinkler watering our bee garden...I love these sprinklers, they are oh-so pretty, but really do the job!

Meet Vinnie...I LOVE big, yellow, cats! They always are sweet, easy-going, and friendly. This guy magically appeared this year, and while it took some time for him to trust us, now he follows us everywhere...he's a keeper!

A DIY hummingbird feeder...oh-so easy. Take one colorful bottle, a feeder stopper, a length of heavy wire, some colorful beads and there you go...done in no time!

Sunflowers...ahhh, need I say more?

At the end of the day, there's nothing like sleeping under a quilt that's been dried in the fresh air and sunshine...heaven.

Another big, yellow cat...this is Azrael (named after the cat in the Smurf movies!) Oh my...truly, the sweetest cat on the farm. He comes inside after the kids go to school, curls up and naps until lunchtime. 

Found this antique pedal grinding stone at an old store that's going out of business. I've always wanted one and it was half off...doing my happy dance! 

And so it goes...another week has flown by. Hope all is well...enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 24

family history and hollyhocks...

A short post on this cool summer morning to share a photo..

Matilda Robey...I discovered this old photo while working on my genealogy. I've always loved hollyhocks, and have them in my garden. When I looked at those stately hollyhocks in the background, I wondered if she loved them as well...a trait handed down through the generations of my family tree.:

My daughter and I help in our church's Family History Center twice a month,
and on our last visit, I found this photo had been added to our family tree.

Her name is Matilda, and as I gazed at the photo, I became lost wondering about her.
The dress (oh-so warm in summer) the pin (a gift or maybe handed down?)  & shawl
(surely handmade), the clapboard home behind her with the pretty window trim. 

And those stately hollyhocks..so beautiful. I wonder if she loved them as much as I do...a trait handed down through the generations, maybe?

Have you done any digging into your family tree? What treasures have you discovered? You may want to give it a try...there's so many wonderful stories and photos to bind the generations.

Thursday, August 18

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