Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Thursday, April 16

I can feel it...spring's coming!

3 weeks ago it snowed several inches...
2 weeks ago it rained several inches...
now, practically perfect in every way!

Now, I can feel it...spring is in the air. Why yes, I am sporting my apron and spring cleaning...dust bunnies, be gone!

Soon, this is what we'll be enjoying...

Hold onto your hats girls...it's gonna be a great spring!

Thursday, April 9

barn love...

You've heard it before...I LOVE old things!

Old houses, quilts, books, signs, pottery, etc. The list goes on...but what's missing from that list? Old Barns!

Love them...beautiful chippy paint, held together with pegs, oh, I wish the walls and stalls could talk - BARNS!

So, in looking back on some old photos on my camera, I found I'd forgotten to share some snapshots of a lovely barn that was on our local barn tour...gasp!

Last fall I had the honor of lending a hand as folks from near and far came to look this delightful barn over...every nook & cranny was filled with something that told a story.

Come on, let's take a quick look!

Ahhh, my idea of a perfect day!

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