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Tuesday, March 16

searching for shamrocks...

While not Irish, I'm planning a St. Patrick's Day filled with fun. We'll start the day with green eggs and ham, then for lunch the kids will have shamrock sandwiches (cut with cookie cutters). After school will find us in the backyard for a scavenger hunt searching out hidden green treasures. Dinner will be a traditional side dish of Irish colcannon paired with the Irish-American combination of corned beef and cabbage. And who knows, we just may end the day dancing a jig to Irish music!

And while we laugh and have a bit of fun on this holiday, I'm reminded that the leprechaun's rainbow and pot of gold just may be found in our own backyard. It's good to remember the Irish proverb that says,

"There is no fireside like your own fireside."

Enjoy the day!
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