Welcome to our 1864 farmhouse…life is good!

Wednesday, November 23

Thanksgiving week in the Midwest...


A few snapshots of what's happening around the farm...

a gorgeous sunrise,

and lovely sunset, 

spying a vintage corn crib 

old-fashioned corn shocks,

November clouds above the water,

and a little pre-Christmas decorating on my old Hoosier cupboard.

And what else did Thanksgiving week bring us?
(wait for it...)

Let's pull back a little from Santa...
Are those N95 masks?

Why yes, they are! Thanksgiving week has brought us Covid! 

Vaccinated - check
Boosted - check

I can truly say it's the worst I have ever felt. Sunday and Monday are a blur; however, I'm grateful to be bouncing back...pies are in the oven now and homemade bread and sage stuffing will be baking tomorrow morning.

And no, I won't be able to enjoy the heavenly aroma or savor the taste...what cruel Covid symptoms. 

Really...a loss of taste and smell, and it had to be Thanksgiving week? 

And so it goes...there's still the joy of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by the National Dog Show. I love tradition, and settling in with Bailey to enjoy both of those will make the day even better.

Ahhh snuggling with her stuffed pig and egg!

I'm so thankful for your friendships across the miles. Wishing you all a day of peace wherever you may be.

Tuesday, November 8

shifting focus...

In reading your blogs, I'm always inspired by what you're doing wherever you are in the world...all across the United States, to Great Britain, and to New Zealand. Whether it's outings on the fells, cozy family get-togethers at the lake, clever cupboardscapes that change with the seasons, or inspiration for simple living and homesteading, I always learn something new.

All of your wonderful blogs have me now shifting focus, working harder to settle into a more observant phase of life...as the song says,

"Breathe before your breath runs out.
This is life don't miss it." 

Yes, there's always work to do, but there's also a need to enjoy the small & simple things. I remember hearing once that we all get caught up thinking real life is just a little farther down the road...enjoy the season you are in.

As the photos scroll by on my video below, listen closely to the words: the song is Don't Miss It sung by Francesca Battistelli.

You'll see snapshots of life on the farm, the pumpkin patch, snippets from a mother-daughter weekend road trip, and other seemingly small things...

things that are much more important
 than their simplicity might suggest.

Thanks to all of you who inspire me...I wish we were neighbors!

Friday, November 4

Friday freebie!

So on the way to the "big city", I passed a cute little wicker chair on the side of the road...sitting next to a trash can, someone was tossing it out.

"Hmmm" I thought...wheels turning.

Now, I don't normally give roadside trash a second look...except, well I did, (click here) but you have to admit, snagging a free 1956 workhorse of a sewing machine like this was the find of the year!

Anyway, when I passed by a couple days later, it was still there...alas, no time to stop. I'd made up my mind though, if it was sitting there later in the day when I was on my way home, it was mine. 

And it was! I quickly made a bee-line for it...pulled in the drive, popped it in the back of the car, and yay, it was coming home with me!

I added a $2.00 pillow and soon I was smiling at my free find...sitting in the sunshine by the little kitchen garden, she makes me happy. Now, her seat is weak...no sitting in it, but still, she was just too cute to pass up!

So, have you ever found a freebie that was just too good not to come home with you?!

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