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Thursday, December 29

Happy New Year!

Time to ring out the old and ring in the new!

Wishing you the happiest new year filled with good health, family & friends...let's resolve to find the joy in each of the days ahead!

Saturday, December 24

Monday, December 19

readying for Christmas...

The scent of gingerbread and balsam, the excitement of secret surprises, and visits with friends are all part of the joy of the holiday season. 

December is a month of activity...

Our daughter's performance in The Nutcracker ballet has just wrapped up...

As have orchestra and band concerts...

Now, while we count down to Christmas, let's take time to slow down and gather together. Soon we will be standing at the start of a new year, ready for renewal and hope.

But for now, let's remember the simple pleasures...hanging stockings, walking around the town square, reading by a crackling fire, and watching our favorite old movies.

Ready for Christmas?


Thursday, December 8

keeping it simple...

There's a cold wind whistling around the old farmhouse today, crows are feeding in the field to the east, and birds are flocking around the vintage bird feeder. Mornings start early here with the alarm going off at 4:30 a.m.. However; stepping outside today, there's no feeling of drowsiness...we feel very much awake with heads bowed down against the icy blast of December air. Errands are done quickly...chickens have a breakfast of warm mash, goats get extra hay and apple slices, barn cats and our faithful guard dog get goodies as well...Christmas cheer for all!

So the holiday season is here, and I feel more determined than ever to enjoy the simple country pleasures of getting ready for Christmas.   

Outside decorations are old-fashioned...

Nothing blinking, nothing bold...

No glimmer or glitz..

 Time for simple pleasures...

I've always loved old-fashioned ways, yet sometimes it's hard to embrace them in our fast & furious world, but I'm not giving up. It's time for simple swags of evergreens and berries, homemade marshmallows floating in mugs of chocolaty cocoa, crackling fires, home-baked cookies, and secret surprises. Traditions and gifts from the heart will take the chill out of any frosty winter wind.

Saturday we'll bundle up and head out looking for the "perfect" Christmas tree, going back and forth, like we always do, usually deciding the first one we saw was our favorite...you know, the one waaaay back at the beginning of our trek! That night we'll enjoy a get-together with friends.  
As it's been said, we're never to young or too old to store up memories...let's enjoy every minute this year, and keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts.

Thursday, December 1

happy December!

It's that time of year...

Start today...this very minute, because the month will fly by!

-put up the tree early...play music, sing loudly...no one cares if we're off key!

-be an elf...deliver secret goodies to friends & neighbors, knock and then run!

-bake oodles of cookies, every shape, size, and kind...
tuck them in pretty bowls or baskets;
just right for teachers, school bus drivers, or the mailman
(or mail lady in our case...have I told you her name is Betsy Ross? How cute!)

-make snowmen and snow angels, and REAL hot chocolate!
-have a movie marathon (best if you stay in your jammies all day!)

-whip up home-baked dog and kitty treats and fill bird feeders to overflowing.

-sit by the fire, light candles, watch the snow fall, read, knit or crochet, dream...

-bundle up and walk around the town square to see the festive shop windows.

-invite  your best girlfriends over for lunch and catch-up on all the holiday plans.

-write holiday letters...real letters, handwritten in cursive!

Have fun, hold hands, laugh, make memories...

Be An Elf!

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