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Monday, March 28

apron love...

I simply love aprons...

I don't know when this love affair started, or how it began,
but I really do love aprons. Here are some favorites...

this pretty  polka-dot is from the Farm Chicks...

 I love this floor-length pinafore apron with the flounce at the bottom. I bought it years and years ago from
Tasha Tudor & family...

 a couple of homespun ones found at a flea market...

a vintage apron with handkerchief pockets handed down
from my mom...

and this is one Santa brought...

So when I found this cute apron kit, I knew it
was coming home!

Love those chickens! I'm going to cut it out today stitch her up this week. I'm going through a must...have...chickens phase!
We looked at coops over the weekend and we'll be looking at those adorable little baby chicks today...I'll keep you posted!

Hope it's a happy Monday!
 PS...for a look at some really whimsical aprons, take a peek at this site...Jillie Willie  She has one really I love...the handcart apron, it has little pockets hidden under the flounce; how clever!


  1. Aprons bring back memories of my Nana, thank you for doing that. She would never be caught without a apron on!!

  2. How fun... I love the Farm Chicks pocket! Adorable. I think aprons are the absolute epitome of COUNTRY. Love your apron kit - sure wish I could dig my old sewing machine out of our closet but it's covered in boxes and such, and even if I do get it out, there is NOWHERE to set it up! One of these days... I sure miss sewing.

    Keep us posted on the chickens -- it will be a race between you and I to see who gets their chicks first! LOL

  3. We're going through the same chick phase here. We're so close now, I can smell them. Although I'm not sure that's a good thing! ; )

    Beautiful aprons, and I would so love to make some, if only it didn't involve sewing. I will get there, I will. And, I think a simple apron pattern might work well for me.

    Happy Monday!


  4. Oh, yes! My grandmother was NEVER without an apron and I bought many aprons on EBAY one summer. I LOVE my collection and would now never part with them. They bring back such fond memories!

  5. An apron can make the food taste better and the house seem cleaner just by tying one on! ;) Be sure to show us what yours looks like when you finish it. Love the chicken wire fabric.

  6. I LOVE aprons too! You have a wonderful collection...I love all of them but that floor length Tasha Tudor apron must be very special...I love pinafore aprons but don't have one so I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for one. That kit is wonderful too..what a sweet flirty apron! Thanks very much for showing us your collection..it was fun seeing them all. I hope your weather has improved where you are...we're slowly warming up but we haven't seen the sun in days. Yesterday it managed to get bright but we NEED the sun. Hopefully today we'll get at least a peak at it just to make sure it's still there ;) Have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  7. These aprons are so pretty. I agree I think aprons always bring back memories of our Grandmothers and Mothers baking in the kitchen. Really like your blog. Glad I found it.

  8. I forgot to mention that I bought an old apron at the Flea market a while back that had handkerchief pockets..I had never seen them before. Your's is really cute.

  9. I'm visiting for the first time, and just love your blog! Your idea of apron pockets from hankies is too cute! I imagine little girls with aprons gathering eggs- one to a pocket! LOL
    I feel like I'm visiting a real farm... such a great thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm sure to be back often!
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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