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Friday, April 1

what I did on my spring break...

The kids are wrapping up spring break this week, and I have a feeling it will be one of the most memorable times of their lives.

Not because we jetted off to a warm, breezy, sun-soaked getaway,
but because of this...

and this...

and these...

but mostly, these...

Now, lest you think this was an impulse decision,
we've done our homework...
read all there was to read,
(Ashley English's, Keeping Chickens has been the latest)
looked at coops,
planned runs,
and scouted out locations.
The neighbors are willing to swap "chicken sitting" duties if we're out of town, so it was really a matter of just sealing the deal.

Wednesday, when we found ourselves with a couple of hours to pass, we ended up at our local feed store.
When Sweet Girl named a chick, it was all over...
I knew they were coming home with us.

The excitement of choosing was next, and then the chicks,
their box wrapped warmly in a blanket (after all, it's snowing here!) were lovingly held close for the ride home. Little Man asked if he could faint, and Sweet Girl hasn't stopped smiling.

And so it begins, life with the girls...
Henrietta, Cinnamon, Hermione,
Spottie, Hershey, and Alex.

And yes, if you know me at all, this will become a chicken retirement home. After all, every animal that comes here,
finds a spot to rest their head and stay as long as they'd like.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it...
wait, I mean the kids are so excited!
Oh, there's no use denying it...
I've wanted chickens for a long time, I am excited,
and looking forward to learning the secrets to becoming the next Chicken Whisperer!

By the way, it's Friday...take a peek at who's visiting here,

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By the way, thanks to all the ladies above
for hosting these farm visits...
it's great fun to see what others are doing
and to be inspired by them!


  1. Too cute, so exciting for you & your children. We got snow this morning in PA. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi!
    We are on our fifth year with keeping chickens... It was also our daughter who spurred us on in our chicken adventures! We have all fallen in love with them and all those good eggs too! Now we can't imagine life without them... Your photos and post are adorable... warm and fuzzy all over!
    thanks for linking up today with farmgirls and farm friends! Great Entry!

  3. Good for you! You'll love your chickens...they just touch your heart. We've had chickens now for 4 years and we've loved every minute of it. We lost our Henrietta...but I'll probably name another with that name but it will be #2. No other chicken could ever replace my old Henrietta. Have fun! Oh and what kind of chickens did you get?
    Maura :)

  4. Oh deerie me! You are now on the very slippery slope! You will be wanting more and more and then some more! Chickens are the most adorable wee things. I started off with 4 and now have just over 20. Some are only a week ish old at the moment so are still with their mum but it seems I can't stop!!
    Happy times, you'll all love them!

  5. We recently added chickens to our place too...LOVE them! The highlight of my youngest's day is checking for eggs. Enjoy!

  6. That's a wonderful thing to do on spring break if you ask me!

    Thanks for sharing

  7. I just love the peeps. I have always wanted to raise chickens too, but haven't taken the plunge yet. We were enjoying them at our local farm store the other day.

  8. Oh my goodness...how SWEET those chicks are!

  9. You actually had a feed store that sexed the chicks? I'm impressed. They are adorable, and the kids do look awfully excited! My place, too, is that retirement farm.

  10. Thanks to all for your kind comments...we're tickled with these chicks! Teresa...yes, at least the feed store "said" they were sexed...I guess time will tell just how accurate their "experts" are! And Maura, we have Golden Comets and Tetra Tints. I'd love to find some Dominique...they're the kind my grandmother raised. Maybe next year! Slippery slope indeed, Laura! -Mary

  11. My 89 year-old mom is famous in our family for having "loved" a chick a wee bit too tightly when she was a little girl... they really are very squeezable!

    A neighbor gave us about 25 chickens last Fall (after they outgrew the adorable stage), but they didn't fare well this cold, cold Kansas winter; I think we're down to one husband and wife team pecking around the yard. My husband gets chick fever every Spring, so I imagine we'll get a new batch soon... he's partial to fluffy Buff Orpingtons. Good luck with your's... keep Wiley Coyote away from the hen house!

  12. You are going to love those chickens! They are highly addictive. Love your blog. I found you on the Hop.


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