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Friday, March 18

is spring really here?

Early spring has arrived across the land, and after a long, icy winter, we welcome it gladly! More than ready to trade our boots and mittens for spades and sun hats, the anticipation of summer's first juicy, ripe tomato is almost more than we can stand. However, that tomato will have to wait...the joys of spring fever have us tightly in their grip!

Today is blue-skied and balmy. The grass is green and cheery yellow daffodils are about to bloom and fill a neighboring field. I've opened our windows to let the breeze in, only to hear the birds rejoicing...they too, are welcoming the warmth of sunshine. In fact, that balmy breeze is tempting me to wash quilts and hang them on the clothesline. The nights here are still quite cool, but oh how nice it will be to snuggle under quilts that have been
dried outside.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love flowers...and anything old. I'm especially drawn to old farmhouses. I remember many years ago coming upon one that had nothing left but a crumbling foundation. As I stood looking at it, I felt a bit sad thinking about the farmwife that must have stood on those same steps in years past. But as I began to leave, I soon noticed tulips and daffodils were just beginning to bloom. As they had multiplied and spread over the years, they now covered what must have been the home's front yard. And so, long after they had been planted, they continued to return and welcome each new spring. These days, the old farm is not so much on my daily path, but I like to think those flowers are still there, blooming as they were meant to.

A quick look at my watch and I see it's already past noon. The kids will be home in a few hours...hmmm, these merry winds are not only good for drying quilts, they're ideal for launching kites! The kid in me can't resist, and so my spirits soar as I head to the barn where we keep bikes, balls, and yes, kites! I'll dust them off, check the strings, and have each one ready for a little after-school fun. Launching kites and watching them ride the wind is a simple pleasure. And no, it's not only for the kids...I freely admit that I enjoy the sight of a kite taking to the wind! Some of my best memories are of us racing around the yard, kites spiraling and riding high in the sky. After tiring out, we'd stretch out in the grass on our backs, and just watch the kites sail above us.

Spring has sounds and fragrances all her own...the snap of sheets on a clothesline, the chatter of birds, and patter of gentle rains. And today, I want to add to that mix the laughter of children as we watch our kites soar.
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