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Friday, March 11

simple joys for March...

...take a little spring walk (bring along your gardening shears)
and cut some bare branches for forcing. Crabapple or forsythia would be perfect! Cut the ends sharply at a slant, then place them in a large vase of room-temperature water. In no time at all, you'll have brought spring indoors!

...celebrate St. Patrick's Day next Thursday! Wear green, bake Irish Soda Bread, serve a traditional Irish dinner, dance a jig!

...spring clean! Yep...I'm serious! You'll be surprised how good you'll feel when papers and cupboards are organized and dust bunnies have been swept away!

...if you know someone who has a late-winter cold, whip up a Sniffles Basket for her. Tuck in a Mason jar of homemade chicken noodle soup, a box of tissues, some cross-word puzzles, and a hot water bottle...she'll love it!

...feeling crafty? If so, then this is a quick & easy clipboard that you'll have fun creating and sharing wiht a friend (slip one in the Sniffles Basket!).

1 - Pick up a clipboard at an office supply store, and paint the board with acrylic paint.

2 - Once the paint has completely dried , use a sponge brush and decoupage medium to "glue" any cut-outs to the board.
(You could also skip the painting all together, as I did on the smaller sample, and "glue" scrapbooking paper on instead.)

3 - Once the cut-outs or scrapbook paper are in place and dry,
use decoupage medium again to protect the paper or images.

4 - Use your imagination to dress-up your clipboard!
Hats off to my friend Kris who gifted me with the larger board...she's a gem, and oh-so clever! Her board is filled with whimsical words and pictures...goodies she felt best described me. My version has a mini notebook attached, along with a clothespin that keeps my pen right where I can find it!

Hope you'll be making one of your very own soon...happy Friday!


  1. What sweet boards. I love the look of your personalized one. What a great gift!

    Spring cleaning? Check! And it does feel good, real good!

    I forced some forsythia last year in time for Easter Sunday. I think it may be too late this year, I'll have to cut some to brighten up my desk. : )

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I wanted to force spring branches this year and I have to admit I've been busy and just kind of forgot. Thank you for the reminder. And, I love, love the clipboards!

  3. LOve those clipboards! Yes, I've cut some forsythia too and am waiting, waiting for that sunny pop of spring. I also start rye grass in a vintage bowl that I later set a branch in for my egg tree at Easter. Wish I could say that I ever banish those dust bunnies ~ I do try nonstop but our busy old farmhouse only looks clean for about 15 minutes before critters n kids make you think you never even tried. sigh. Yay for St Paddys! We always have an Irish friend over for simple fare and , of course, Sarah tries to jig!
    Thank you so so so much for the generous award!!! I have visited all the other awesome blogs and feel very honored to be in such great company. I will try to research and pass it on to new bloggers asap.

  4. What a sweet idea...a 'sniffle basket'! I'll have to remember this the next time I hear one of my girlfriends is sick. I love those clipboards too...I could use one of those myself now that I think of it ;) I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  5. Hey, I thought that clipboard looked familiar!

    Warm weather arrived for a minute or two last week, then we got 5 inches of surprise snow Sunday night... back to the 60s the rest of this week, so maybe, JUST MAYBE, Spring is on the way! I'll blow some warm wind your Ohio way, Mary.


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