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Friday, March 11

simple joys for March...

...take a little spring walk (bring along your gardening shears)
and cut some bare branches for forcing. Crabapple or forsythia would be perfect! Cut the ends sharply at a slant, then place them in a large vase of room-temperature water. In no time at all, you'll have brought spring indoors!

...celebrate St. Patrick's Day next Thursday! Wear green, bake Irish Soda Bread, serve a traditional Irish dinner, dance a jig!

...spring clean! Yep...I'm serious! You'll be surprised how good you'll feel when papers and cupboards are organized and dust bunnies have been swept away!

...if you know someone who has a late-winter cold, whip up a Sniffles Basket for her. Tuck in a Mason jar of homemade chicken noodle soup, a box of tissues, some cross-word puzzles, and a hot water bottle...she'll love it!

...feeling crafty? If so, then this is a quick & easy clipboard that you'll have fun creating and sharing wiht a friend (slip one in the Sniffles Basket!).

1 - Pick up a clipboard at an office supply store, and paint the board with acrylic paint.

2 - Once the paint has completely dried , use a sponge brush and decoupage medium to "glue" any cut-outs to the board.
(You could also skip the painting all together, as I did on the smaller sample, and "glue" scrapbooking paper on instead.)

3 - Once the cut-outs or scrapbook paper are in place and dry,
use decoupage medium again to protect the paper or images.

4 - Use your imagination to dress-up your clipboard!
Hats off to my friend Kris who gifted me with the larger board...she's a gem, and oh-so clever! Her board is filled with whimsical words and pictures...goodies she felt best described me. My version has a mini notebook attached, along with a clothespin that keeps my pen right where I can find it!

Hope you'll be making one of your very own soon...happy Friday!
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