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Wednesday, February 16

some things change, some don't...

Last week, as I bundled up the kids to take them to school,
the temperature was -11 degrees. Tomorrow has a forcast
of 60 degrees.

Last week we wore the warmest boots and heavy socks we could find to keep our toes toasty. Today we're wearing rain boots.

The ground is no longer frozen and covered with lovely, swirling snow. It's muddy, sloppy, and there are puddles everywhere.

And  yes, while the weather is willy-nilly these days, some things do not change, and it's those things that warm my heart.

...handmade Valentines with sweet cut-out hearts
...lots of hugs & kisses
...chocolates galore alongside fragrant hyacinths
...a lilac-scented candle
...holding hands while falling asleep
...everyone piled in bed reading together
   (with more stuffed animals than people!)
...wanting to sleep with Mama's or Daddy's shirt because
   "It has that special smell."
...forever friends

Among all these things we cherish, friendship is one of them.
We have dear friends who moved away a few years ago, and while we still miss them, we've been blessed to be able to visit together each year. It's the type of friendship that picks up right where it left off the last time we were together...without missing a beat.

I love that they always remember our kids, too. Over the years we've  received packages of Valentine goodies, shamrock-shaped straws, books, Christmas treats that help tide them over until Santa comes, and always a special birthday surprise. The kids love getting mail just for them! However; also tucked in Monday's Valentine package were a pair of pretty pink & brown John Deere hotpads, just for me!

I've said it before, in a "made overseas" world, someone who takes the time to share a handcrafted gift gives a part of themselves too. And truly, that's the best part of all.
Ah, Margaret...they're almost too pretty to use! But use them I will, and I'll think of you every time.


  1. Great post. We just saw friends this past Summer, some who we have not seen for almost 40 years, it was like we never were apart, Love it.

  2. I'm so happy you got the John Deere hotpads! I made some placemats for one of my companions out of that fabric and didn't know there was any left until Mom showed me pictures of the hotpads. I'm glad you love them!


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