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Friday, February 11

simple country pleasures...

I am a list-maker, note-taker, and, I admit,
"it might be important so I'd better save it" type of person.

The challenge...how to corral all that clutter  paperwork
on the fridge and whiteboard so that it looks a bit better?

A quick look around and soon I found buttons, extra game pieces,
and even a few pop bottle caps that were easily turned into magnets. A bit of hot glue will secure a heavy-duty magnet to the back of each.

I'm sure you'll think of lots of other ideas...
costume jewelry for a bit of sparkle, alphabet letters,
or even seed packets would all be sweet.

Oh-so simple and they're done in a jiffy!

Now all those recipe cards, notes, kids' artwork,
reminder cards, and school lists are a bit more tidy!

(If only I could organize our desk so easily...
that, my friends, is on next week's to-do list!)

Happy Friday!
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