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Tuesday, February 1

goodbye to January...

While I was hoping for several inches of snow, it was not to be.
This is how our day began...

And now, at day's end, the ice is becoming thicker, the freezing rain has turned to sleet, and we're under a Winter Weather Warning that's set to last 2 days.

Oh well, we're snug and warm. We baked bread and stirred up a pot of Moose Soup (Little Man came up with the name...
and no, there were no moose harmed in the making of this soup!) It's simply a hearty vegetable soup, although how the name came to be is a bit fuzzy.

It was a snow day for the kids so we baked cookies, played games, and watched movies. And we've just heard school is cancelled for tomorrow...it'll be a late night here!


  1. Fingers are crossed here for our first snow day in over two years. It's almost more exciting than Christmas!

  2. You guys have had lots of snow days this year, haven't you? We have lots of snow, but you're welcome to all the ice. I'm not a fan of that!

  3. Are you SURE you don't want to come and visit about now?? (BTW, we think we're freezing and it's in the high 60's.)


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