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Friday, February 4

simple country pleasures...

The snow has stopped, the sun is shining, and the kids went back to school today. They've had 3 snow days at home this week,
with a 2-hour delay this morning. It's not so much the snow as it is the ice making travel (and even walking to the barn!) more than a bit tricky. Oh well, it is winter after all...a very good time to settle in and get creative.

Today's quick & easy idea was such fun to make...we put together a calendar of some of our favorite things!

my vintage Cadillac bike that I bought for a song at an auction.

Little Man with the garden's first tomato.
It was fun to go back through our photos choosing favorites to drop in for each month. For Christmas gifts this year, I think I'll create a family calendar...kids smiling faces, our vacation,
school plays, and family & friends.

And lest you be too impressed, there are oodles of "drag & drop" sites on the web to make your very own calendar...and it's a snap!


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