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Friday, February 4

February's simple joys...

...create handmade Valentines with oodles of ribbon, doilies, stickers, rubber stamps, snippets of fabric & vintage buttons.

...there's still time to begin forcing bulbs if January slipped by
too quickly!

...cookie cutters make the sweetest heart-shaped fudge, marshmallows, and brownies.

...curl up and watch classic movies. Some of our favorites are:
Casablanca, Father Goose, Operation Petticoat,
North by Northwest, The Great Race, and That Touch of Mink

...give packets of flower seeds to friends: forget-me-nots,
sweet peas, and daisies are oh-so pretty. Tuck the packets into little pots, or slip into envelopes and mail to far-away friends.

...use heart soap molds when soap making, then stamp each with conversation heart greetings

...stitch together a red ticking pincushion for someone who loves to sew

...wake up the family to heart-shaped pancakes, or use a cookie cutter to cut heart-shaped French toast

...write a note telling someone special all the things
you love about them!


  1. All of those are wonderful ideas!

  2. I'm having a difficult day... so I'm taking a break in front of my favorite cheery person's blog! Thanks for the lift, Mary!

  3. You come up with great ideas!! Thanks for sharing them all.

  4. What wonderful ideas... I need to get on those Valentines before time gets past me again...


  5. I love your "simple joys" ideas!



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