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Thursday, August 11

dressing up the clothesline...

A few weeks ago I came across some gingerbread trim at our local hardware store, and the wheels started turning. Hmmm, it might be fun to add some trim to our clothesline...give it a bit of character. 

And so in no time at all it was up and in place! I love it when something so simple makes me smile.


  1. That is a cute idea! Blessings from Wisconsin

  2. LOVE this idea! Now I just need a clothesline to put it on...


  3. What a great way to spruce up the old clothes line...bet you're glad you went to the hardware store that day! Now you'll enjoy laundry day even more ;) Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
    Maura :)

  4. What a simple, yet GREAT, idea. I LOVE IT!! :)

  5. Hi There! I love your blog! I am trying your prime rib roast recipe next weekend for my son's birthday! I tried to find an email link to ask you where you found those five santas in the post with the prime rib recipe. They are wonderful Santas! Thanks for any info, Karen [karenr@metrocast.net]

  6. Karen, I hope you enjoy the prime rib recipe...let me know how it turns out for you! I've had the Santas in that photo for probably 15 years and bought them through a catalog that's no longer available. On the back of each Santa it reads, "Tate." I did a search on-line and couldn't find them, but you might have better luck. Sorry I can't help more...I hope you're able to track them down. -Mary

  7. Mary- Thanks so much for the info! I appreciate that so much and I will let you know if I have better luck finding them. I will let you know how my prime rib turns out also! Enjoy the rest of Summer! Karen

  8. OH, how pretty! I am pretty much smitten with anything to do with the clothesline, and mine are metal, so I can't do this, BUT...if the metal ever gives out, I am going to remember this! Found your blog through this photo on pinterest, and I love it! Thanks for sharing this idea!



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