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Thursday, August 4

lemon shake-up...

After visiting two fairs and finding that nothing beats the heat like
ice-cold lemonade, I thought I'd share my quick & easy recipe.
It's ready in no time at all and  keeps me going on these hot, humid summer days!

juice of one lemon
crushed ice
1/3 c. sugar, or sugar to taste
1 to 1-1/2 c. ice cold water

Combine juice, ice, sugar, and water in a Mason jar, or jar with a
tight-fitting lid. Secure lid and shake to fully blend.
Serves one.


  1. love this idea and recipe, sad it won't let me email it to myself though.

  2. Homemade Easy...thanks for your note. I've added the email button and you've inspired me to see if there are other improvements I can make, thanks!


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