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Tuesday, August 16

lake Erie getaway...

A few days off gave us the time to visit Lake Erie last weekend.
We couldn't have asked for better weather...it was ideal
with a cool breeze and temperatures in the 70's. A most welcome change from the typical August dog-days of summer!

Here are a few snapshots of our time there...we will definitely be going back to visit again.
a restored lighthouse...

beautiful old homes like this...

and this.

seagulls flying overhead...

best buddies...
my first attempt at adding some texture, color changes,
and getting creative...
Rural Revival  you've inspired me!


  1. I love the lighthouse photo, and the next two of the beautiful homes.. oh and I love the seagull photo. Look's like you had a wonderful time. What a great looking place to explore.

  2. LOVE the houses! Blessings from Wisconsin!

  3. All great captures, but I'm particularly fond of the lighthouse shot... beautiful =)

  4. I'm so sorry, I got too anxious & forgot to comment on your texture... it's great! =)

  5. You live in a very pretty area, i enjoyed looking at your pictures. Richard

  6. Love all your photos, and the last one is really cool. I need to attempt the texture thing myself sometime.

    Where on Lake Erie did you go? Put-in-Bay? I used to love going up to the islands! They're gorgeous and it's such a fun day.

  7. So glad I did because it's absolutely stunning!!

    Looks like a wonderful vacation too. Someday I think I need to explore the other side of Lake Erie!

    Can't wait to see more texture work too, by the way. : )


  8. Oh do I wish we lived closer to that area...that would be a place I'd like to visit regularly. What's it like to have such wonderful temperatures this time of year??!! Love the lighthouse and the old Victorian homes and it looks like the kids just like hanging out around the shoreline. Love your texture photo...great job! Andrea has inspired me too ;)
    Maura :)


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