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Wednesday, August 24

summer's over...

Well, not officially; however today is the first day of school,
and each of us see it a bit differently.

For them...

-up early; excited to catch up and visit with friends again
-backpacks were filled days ago with supplies
-"Can we go  yet?" (45 minutes before school begins.)

For me...

-the house is quiet...
                    which isn't bad, a little quiet time does a person good
-now's the time to catch up
                    on a summer's worth of lazily letting the chores slide
-but it's too quiet...

I promised Little Man I'd bake a checkerboard cake for after school...better get started.

Miss my sweet ones!


  1. aww...I still remember how that felt when the kids would go off to school in the fall. Where I came from the kids didn't start until the first work day after the Labor Day weekend. It felt like fall then. It was bittersweet. Enjoy your YOU time while you can!
    Maura :)

  2. Two weeks left to go here. My how the time flies! Cute pic!

    Oh! And I loved your coop idea. I'm just about at that point! : )

  3. Janet left yesterday to go back to school and I miss my little ones, too!


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