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Tuesday, April 26

spring is, well, springing!

In our part of the Midwest, we've received 6 inches of rain so far in April...this has broken an old record from 1893! Needless to say, it's been soggy. And while the flowers are popping up, the trees are filled with fragrant blossoms, and the grass is growing, it's been so wet, any outdoor planting or tidying up has been almost impossible. I'm anxious to get fruit trees, berry bushes, and our garden in!

Of course there are always things indoors to do...I'm still sorting out and cleaning up, and then there's that whimsical chicken apron I began, but other matters kept me from sitting down to stitch  it together. Hmmm, that just might be a fun
"must-do" for the week since our forecast is for continued storms right through the weekend (and I do want to have it ready when the girls' new coop is completed!)

With all the rain, an Easter egg hunt was out of the question Sunday, so before church, we had an indoor scavenger hunt for baskets. The clues weren't too hard, and before I knew it the kids were giggling and digging into their goodies. As I wondered aloud, "What kind of mother gives her kids chocolate for breakfast?"
A quick reply came from Sweet Girl..."An awesome one!"
Oh well, it's only one day each year!

This morning, we had a small window of time where the sunshine peeked through the clouds just long enough for me to snap some photos. Here's our part of the Midwest, showing off it's spring colors.

magnolia blossoms

redbud blossoms

bleeding hearts
Wherever you are, I hope you're seeing the signs of spring as well!
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