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Thursday, April 28

go wild over seed balls!

This Easter I shared wildflower seed balls with my friends.
They were so easy to make, I thought you might enjoy making them too. (Mothers' Day is coming...they'd be a terrific gift!)

My inspiration...an article in Good Housekeeping, April, 2010

Mixing up the "recipe" can be a bit messy, so have a big bowl on hand and lots of empty egg cartons to store your seed balls in as they dry. You can even get the kids involved in this...ours always like something "messy" to get their hands into!

You'll need:
16-oz. cup (one cup equals one part)
5 parts powdered clay (available at craft stores)
3 parts good soil
1 part seed of your choice
1 to 2 parts water

Mix together the clay and soil; toss in seeds to distribute evenly. Add only enough water to the mix so that it holds together,
but isn't crumbly. Roll the mixture into marble-size balls
(about one inch in diameter.) Store seed balls in egg cartons
for at least 2 days, or until thoroughly dry.

When you're ready to plant, simply scatter them in your garden, water, and wait for them to grow! When I made mine, I cut the "recipe" in half, as the original said it would make "hundreds of seed balls" and I didn't need quite that many! I ended up with approximately 75, but I did make them a bit larger than a marble.

Have fun...and let me know if you try making them!

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