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Thursday, April 14

plant swap...part one

Spring is sprouting! We step outside to welcome the gentle breeze, happy daffodils, and sapphire blue sky. The puddles are drying and all around us we see the soothing green of spring. Like a
wide-eyed kid in a candy store, I've been re-reading favorite gardening books and poring over seed catalogs. There's no denying it...I have spring fever!

On days like this, it's hard not to set out for the nearest greenhouse. I've been dreaming of planting berry bushes and a few fruit trees; however, the practical side of me knows it's still too early. These initial spring days are best left to pondering rather than planting. Although we're winter weary, the temperature is bound to drop again and the north winds will
roar back.

Like almost everyone else I know, gardening fever has me firmly in its grip...what's a girl to do?

I decided to slip on my boots and go outside to take a closer look. If the perennials are peeking up through the ground, now would be a terrific time to have a plant swap with friends!

Early spring is the ideal for dividing old-fashioned favorites such as asters, yarrow, bee balm, purple coneflower, lily-of-the-valley, phlox, and blanket flowers. Dividing them makes each perfect for sharing...a great way to begin a Friendship Garden.

Once outside, several barn cats kept me company, and I found it amusing that they were careful to dodge the puddles our dog enjoyed splashing right through. Once at the flowerbeds, it took only a quick glance to see that there were lots of perennials above ground ready to welcome a new season! If you have spring fever too, why not make plans for a plant swap and start your own Friendship Garden? It's oh-so easy! I'll share with you what I did, then you can add ideas to make it your own.

To keep this from being too long & boring (I know you're all busy!) I'll break this into 2 posts...Part 2 coming soon!


  1. What a great idea!

    Waiting.... : )

    And I agree, the quiet of the morning has stolen my attention for some time now and whether I like it or not, I am becoming more of a morning person. It's just getting out of bed that's the tough part, but always worth it in the end. (And I agree, much nicer now that the sun is up with me!)

  2. I like the morning...except for getting up out of bed too...but there is something special about the quietness of the morning and new day...having more sunshine and watching it rise makes it much easier to get out of bed. Looking forward to your friendship garden..I am working on something myself...which I will blog about tomrarow...looking for ideas to make a space more lovely..


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