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Sunday, May 1

simple joys for May...

...Happy May Day! For years we've enjoyed gathering flowers, tucking them into baskets or Mason jars, and then secretly delivering them to family & friends. I always makes me laugh to watch the kids sneak up to a door, deliver the flowers, knock, then run like the wind so as to not be caught! Oh, and of course, there's a basket on our front door as well...something the kids always look for.

...Mothers' Day is coming, so why not surprise Mom by planting a colorful cutting garden or a flowering tree outside her back door? Whether it's with your own mother, or someone that's as dear to you as a mother, she'll love the surprise.

...make final plans for your garden, our last frost date is May 15, so for us, it's time to begin! If a big garden is just a bit too much to tackle this year, why not grow tomatoes, peppers, or herbs in patio pots? Quick & easy to plant, just water when they're dry,
and you'll have the taste of summer at your fingertips.
No tilling required!

...put up a clothesline! There's nothing like settling into sheets that have been dried outdoors.

...rearrange your furniture, taking out what you can, and putting back only what you love...a simple way to create a fresh, new look for your home as the seasons change.

...dust off the grill, pull out your favorite summertime recipes, hang lots of buntings, and get out your white shoes...
Memorial Day is coming!


  1. Aaahh buntings, yes...we need some buntings around here. Actually, maybe we need lots!

    Happy May Day Mary!


  2. it is those simple things which really do capture my heart. Lovely thoughts for this day...

  3. On this day and everyday we need buntings!! Always look forward to you thoughts for the month. Have a great day!


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