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Friday, October 29

merry halloween!

The richness of October is all around us. Even the strong and sudden storms that moved through the Midwest this week, quickly blew past leaving us with a truly beautiful sunset.

My mind shifts ahead...still cleaning the barn, and like a squirrel, tallying food storage for winter. However; this week, October is filled with mystery and fun as Halloween comes closer. It's time
to fetch a big, plump pumpkin and let the fun begin!

The kids giggle with delight as they pull the seeds and "goo" from inside each pumpkin!

The seeds are saved for roasting, while the "goo" quickly finds its way to the compost pile. After a bit of plotting and planning,
the pumpkin faces are decided on, carved, and are soon glowing on our front porch.

We'll enjoy trick-or-treating in town  at my in-laws' home,
and because the weather has turned quite cool, a pot of chili along with some pumpkin soup will be simmering on the stove. I'm still a kid at heart, so we'll make Mummy Dogs and Jack-o'-Lantern Pizzas too...for the kids, of course!  (the easy recipes are below.)

On Saturday evening, when the moon hangs low in the sky,
where will you find us? Enjoying the company of pint-size imposters...cowboys and superheros, princes and princesses, ghosts and goblins as we walk door-to-door with a very muscular Iron Man and a light saber-wielding Ahsoka.
We'll take pictures, eat candy, laugh, and store up memories.

Wishing you a very merry Halloween!

Mummy Dogs
11-oz. pkg. breadstick dough
16-oz. pkg. hot dogs
Garnish: yellow mustard

Separate dough and wrap one section around each hot dog to resemble mummies. Be sure to leave an opening for the eyes. Place on an ungreased baking sheet; bake at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from oven and cool slightly.
Add 2 dots of mustard on each "face" for "eyes."

Jack-o'-Lantern Pizzas
individual-size pizzas
Garnish: black olive slices, green or red pepper strips

Bake pizzas according to package directions. Remove from oven; garnish with 2 olive slices for "eyes" and a pepper strip
for a "smile."

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  1. Your kids have the smiling-est faces! Makes me grin just looking at 'em. I'll bet you have the happiest house in Ohio!


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